Powerball jackpot hits $700 million, 2nd largest in history

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Oh yes, Powerball fever has hit North America once again, and we're looking at the second highest jackpot in history. The largest Powerball jackpot was $1.6 billion in January 2016, which was split between three winning tickets.

The Powerball lottery game jackpot has climbed to $700 million, making it the second largest in USA history.

And if no one claims the winning ticket Wednesday, Tabor said, the next jackpot will probably surpass the $1.6 billion prize as the biggest ever.

Lottery.com is the ultimate lottery resource that allows users to play the Powerball, track tickets, and get lottery results on their phone. The state's largest Powerball group win was a $107.5 million cash jackpot shared by 48 transit workers from the Philadelphia area in April 2012.

You can buy Powerball tickets until 9 p.m. CST Wednesday to be qualified for the drawing. The most recent drawing was Saturday. Eastern Time, folks who miss the live drawings can turn to the official Powerball website in order to check their tickets against the winning numbers. Lawson's jackpot also holds the record for the largest Lottery prize ever won in MI.

Players still have a one in 25 chance of winning a smaller prize, including one in 11.7 million of winning $1million, or a one in 38 for winning four dollars.

In that drawing, two Kansas lottery tickets won $1 million. That's more than was spent previous year on movies, video games, books, music and sports tickets combined, the AP said.

It is the second largest jackpot in United States history, and everyone wants a chance. In the game, five of 69 white balls are pulled, and one Powerball of 26 is pulled. Shortly after the draw took place, he received a call from a customer service representative at theLotter informing him of his unbelievable jackpot win.