Perseid meteor shower 'warm-up act' for this month's eclipse

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The moon's phase at waning gibbous will prevent us from seeing a big chunk of the light streamers, but this is one of the most active meteor showers of the year. "Unfortunately at that time the Perseid radiant, the area of the sky that Perseid meteors appear to shoot from, is located low in the northern sky and the number of meteors seen is the lowest".

Look for meteors late tonight and tomorrow morning in the hours before dawn. Focus your attention between the northeastern horizon and the point right above you; the meteors will fly at many different angles, but will all come from the approximate direction of the Perseus constellation.

The Perseids are known for fireballs, which are large explosions of light and color that last longer than an average meteor streak. As Earth plows through this stream of debris, ranging in size from sand grains to pebbles, each particle slams into our atmosphere at a speed of more than 30 miles per second and burns up nearly instantly from friction with air molecules. The best time to watch Perseids meteor shower for the stargazers will be after midnight from a dark open space. Perseids are the stream of debris and stretches along the orbit of the comet Swift-Tuttle.

Rumors have been flying around online that we're set for "the brightest shower in recorded human history". "So you'll have a better than decent chance of catching sight of a fireball, as well".

For those interested in catching the celestial event, Mr Chee recommended places such as Changi Beach, West Coast Beach and Bishan Park, where there are better views of the night sky.

"You could see none at all for a few minutes and then two or three". I mean if meteor showers are the thing you really get off to, I'm not saying to put away your lube and your telescope. There are a number of positive changes that often occur after this fantastic meteor shower.

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