People Were Shocked About the Bachelorette Finale

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"Tonight is finale night for#ABC's "#The Bachelorette". "I don't even want to talk about it", Lindsay said with tears welling. We will also hear Rachel give a play by play during the live show with Chris Harrison.

Although Kraus' hesitation about proposing seemed to be a focal point of their differences, Lindsay said that "there were other deep-rooted issues" that she began to see.

Luckily for him, she clearly felt the same, even going so far as to rent him a Bentley for a trip to the Breitling store, where she bought them expensive matching watches. During an awkward hometown date with her family, he apparently raised similar red flags. To the internet, Rachel is choosing between a creature sent down from the heavens to earth, to bless us with his touch of grey and endearing gap teeth (Peter), and a repulsive, plastic surgery obsessive, ancient ogre (Bryan).

Nearly two years since reports first surfaced that Cate Blanchett would portray Lucille Ball in an authorized biopic penned by Aaron Sorkin, the project is moving forward.

Sure, The Bachelorette is known for drama and heartbreak, but after tonight's finale, Rachel Lindsay might want to turn off her Twitter mentions for a while. Peter tells Rachel that he is in love with her, but admits that he's not ready to ask her to marry him, but doesn't want to stop being with her. He admits he is leaning on the strength of their relationship but its tough to think about her and the other two men.

"The reason the goodbye at the end was so emotional, it's not that I didn't know what I was going to do, it was one that it's hard to say goodbye to someone you care about", Rachel explained to People.

After 11 loooooong weeks of what was easily the most unexciting season of ABC's "The Bachelorette", Rachel Lindsay finally picked her suitor.

Rachel says this was a rough week for her and for the first time to compartmentalize what she has with each guy. He kisses her goodbye and leaves.

And on the after show, it definitely seemed like these two are about to live happily ever after. "You just assume that it's a typical reality TV show, but once you're in it, it's real", she said. She is glad she finally has closure.

Good luck to Rachel and Bryan!

He is busy picking the ring with Neil Lane. Lindsay already has a successful career and it's not like she needed a little air time on a hit show to propel her into a social media star.