Patriots' Tom Brady won't confirm if he had concussion in 2016

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He needs neither fame nor fortune.

"It's fascinating to me here in Boston with Tom Brady turning 40 [on Thursday] and the grumblings around here with, 'What are we going to do with Jimmy Garoppolo?' " ESPN analyst and long-time quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. In some ways, it seems impossible that such boyish youth could be reaching that milestone. Because regardless of the National Football League trying to deflate him, Brady is still looked up to as the model that every player on every level emulates: someone who was that good (and healthy) for that long.

But he doesn't, of course.

It's rare enough to find athletes who still are playing their sport professionally after age 40. Nearly no one, that's who. "I've become friends with Brett", Brady said.

"It's fun. It reminds you that Tom's old".

Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, had said in May that Brady was concussed last season. But for a coach like Belichick, he sees the work Brady puts in every day and understands that's where the Patriots quarterbacks success comes from.

So, think about it.

Had it not been for this controversial call in the 2001 AFC Divisional Round against the Oakland Raiders, who knows if Brady and the Patriots would at this level of greatness?

Brady sat out the first four games of the 2016 season as punishment for his role in the "Deflategate" scandal.

Six months. September, October, November and December of 2017, plus January and February of 2018. Although he will be celebrating his bday today, he got his day started by being the first New England player to show up at training camp. Every coach wants his players to be hungry for victory, but not to that extent. He said he, too, had chosen not to report head injuries in the past but now is openly campaigning for players to come forward. He then got up with his putter and hit the ball about 60 feet away while taking a big divot out of the green. Bundchen made the comments during an interview in May on "CBS This Morning".

"He had a concussion previous year", she said. The Patriots always trade up and coming players for picks like Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins, so I think that is what they would get for him. That can not be healthy for you, right?

Brady has won five Super Bowls. He's a two-time NFL MVP and has one of the highest passer ratings of all-time at 97.2. He was named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year in 2005. "Needless to say, we came in dead last in the tournament". New England responded with a resounding no this week when Patriots fans received their season tickets.

Bündchen confirmed our suspicions on Thursday when she wished her husband of eight years a heartfelt happy birthday on Instagram.

Somewhere out there, your 100th birthday awaits.