New GoT trailer teases the show's biggest reunion — WATCH

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Rather, as told to Refinery29 by Sophie Turner herself, the eldest Stark daughter's hair is a reflection of exactly what the character is going through at that time and place.

His personality change in this episode even when compared to season 6 is also something to watch.

The problem is one of stamina and scale. That doesn't seem difficult to explain.

In other words, he probably isn't a priority at dinner parties.

Naturally, Sansa didn't have a clue what the hell he was talking about and as for the mention of her wedding night with Ramsay, that was enough to cause Sansa to leave.

This is not a drill. They match these ones rather perfectly.

This is the reunion that we imagine is going to happen the soonest, given that she is ruling the city with Jon gone. All those nice sibling moments between her and Jon meant nothing. Hempstead Wright is tight-lipped on upcoming shows, but has a warning for the audience: "Winter has come". And I will definitely die very soon.

But Arya had significant interactions with the entire Stark brood. She can't wait to proclaim him King.

Good lord I am astonishingly unpleasant, without fail. "I'll check Maester Luwin's records, he kept a copy of every raven's scroll", he said, referencing the former Maester of Winterfell. Winterfell is her home, and this is her fight as much as it's Jon's or Sansa's. A sublimely ineffective communicator, Jon routinely leaves me wondering whether his disastrous diplomacy is stupidity, humility, honesty, or pride. Party with the Dothraki or the wildlings?

He almost got killed!

Brienne - Their history is absolutely checkered, to say the least. Well, here's where we're getting into more speculative territory, but we know Arya's headed back to Winterfell (another shot from the preview sees her overlooking the castle).

Notice that Littlefinger has the same distinctive rings. I'm a weird-ass man, and that's just how it is. There is a genuine case to be made for a reunion emotionally, but we don't honestly think that it's all that needed.

Warning! This story contains spoilers. If so, he has no business leading.

The Starks are easily the most loved of the great Westerosi families and they've been subjected to unspeakable horrors throughout the series.

Bran explained to Sansa that he can see everything and the Three-Eyed Raven taught him how. Littlefinger, with his dagger. Bran's only goal, presumably, is seeing the Night's King and his kind eradicated and that makes Bran very, very dangerous. Why the dead-eyed stare?

Bran's sudden return came just in time just when Petyr Baelish, also known as Little Finger, was starting to put ideas into young Sansa's head again.