New CBS Survey Finds Negative View Of Congress

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The Republicans recently failed to pass legislation on one of their biggest issues: health care.

If the American people want a functioning government again, they are going to have to elect Democrats, because Republicans are locked in a civil war of complete self-destruction.

It's frustrating to see how Trump keeps hurting his own cause and the future of the Republican Party. "I'm comfortable with who I am, and I guess he is comfortable with who he is".

Do you believe in mermaids, unicorns and fairies?

The biased segment was brought to viewers by GEICO, Panera Bread, and Fixodent. He slams talking heads on cable news and now Republicans are finally following along.

And for those Republicans who vote against this?

Fast-forward, and today's political landscape is decidedly red.

A message left for Democratic Party Chairman Belinda Biafore at the state party headquarters was not immediately returned.

What did it take for the party to be able to obtain 60 seats?

According to a survey by the Gallup pollster, approval for US Congress among supporters of the Republican Party has fallen to a new low for 2017. And last week he won that battle after a federal judge ruled in his favor. "Jim did call and explain his explanation to me".

"Thank you for joining us, everybody".

"There was never a change of heart, only continuous greed by a man who would rather save a dollar than make his mines safe for West Virginians", Enochs continued.

When Bartiromo asked if the Republican Party really wants the president to succeed, Trump responded, "I think that a vast majority of Republicans are on board with the president's agenda".

"I think we're conducting our business in the way things were meant to be", said Sen.

There are unfavorable views of both parties. Republicans hope to blame the press for not writing more about their legislative achievements.

And although support for Trump has fallen since he took office, Johnson cautioned against relying too heavily on polling, as it's hard to get at the nuance of voters' thinking.

BENNETT: And a third party candidate got 22% of that vote. In an interview with CNN, West Virginia radio show host and columnist Hoppy Kercheval said, "Even his top staff and close advisers did not know". That included 39% of Republicans.

A recent article by David Wasserman published at - not known for being friendly to Republicans - reports that even if the Democrats win every Senate race in states which Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 presidential election or which Donald Trump won by 3 percent or less, they will still lose five seats in the Senate. "We've got to do better", said Sen.

New leadership is needed in the West Virginia Democratic Party, two former Democratic candidates for governor said on Tuesday. Without fix, this poor relationship threatens to sink GOP chances of holding its congressional majorities in next year's midterm elections.

"The long and short of it is, we did talk".

Most important, President Trump has to learn that he's now in the business of politics, not the business of business. "We are six months into this Congress".