Major Announcement Set for President Trump's Campaign-Style Rally in Arizona

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Trump supporters and protesters are seen here ahead of President Trump's rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on August 22, 2017. "There were two statements and one news conference". "I got the 'white supremacists, ' the 'neo-Nazi.' I got them all in there".

In subsequent remarks he explicitly disavowed white supremacists, but then returned to his original premise that blame should be pinned on both sides - white nationalists and counterprotesters - and said "very fine people" were among both groups. "They don't put on those words".

"Think of it -seven years. one vote away from repeal", said Mr. Trump, holding up his index finger.

In addition, the AP reported that a half-dozen people showed up outside Trump's rally with military-style rifles and fatigues to join the protests against him. They also dispersed some gas in the area, ' Phoenix Police Department spokesman Sergeant Jonathan Howard said.

At the rally, however, Trump appears to have hinted at a future pardon for Arpaio. But the hometown crowd knew exactly who the president was talking about. "I will not mention any names". A Craigslist ad posted on Sunday sought actors to pose as Trump supporters to attend his rally this week. He was convicted in July of criminal contempt by a U.S. District judge for violating a court order to stop having deputies inquire about the legal status of Hispanic drivers and pedestrians during traffic stops. "I just - I'm running my own campaign". "Because I don't want to cause any controversies, all right?" Is that alright? Ok.

He added, however, that Arpaio should "feel good".

Surrounding himself with cheering supporters at a campaign rally inside the Phoenix Convention Center while thousands of protestors demonstrated outside, President Donald Trump spoke Tuesday night of pride and patriotism, protection of USA borders, religious liberty and gun rights, and "love" for all Americans.

Earlier that day, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that, despite rumors, Trump had no plans to pardon Arpaio at the rally.

In his speech, Trump also ticked through his accomplishments, including his war on gangs.

But what will Trump ultimately say or do Tuesday night? That's a 46 percent decrease from the same period in 2016, which means fewer people are trying to enter the country now.

"All week they were talking about the massive crowds that were supposed to be outside, well where are they?" While he expects some tense exchanges with Trump protesters, he's confident that the bikers will be able to control themselves and ensure that things don't turn violent.