Large inflatable chicken stares down White House

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The massive balloon appeared on Wednesday on a piece of land just south of the White House, between the president's residence and the Washington monument, HuffPost noted.

The inflatable chicken, about 13-feet-tall, also became the go-to symbol during nationwide tax marches on April 15, which targeted Trump's unwillingness to release his tax information. POTUS is having a 17-day vacation at one of his golf courses in New Jersey. However, after a culmination of a five-month process, he received his permit Tuesday from the National Park Services, the Washington Examiner reported.

But there is more than one chicken - protesters across the country have ordered them online. "Hey everybody! We are raising money to bring Chicken Don to the White House".

Talking to USA Today, Brar told that Trump has been a big failure when it comes to releasing tax returns, Russian ties and dealing with North Korea.

There looked to be a dozen or so people on the roof of the White House, giving that Fox News reporter a backdrop that was very unusual between the blow-up poultry image and a small crowd on the roof.

Trump has not commented on the golden-haired chicken publicly.

And the chicken was ruling the roost on social media as #TrumpChicken was the top trend on Twitter in US. A Twitter account by the name of Tax March Chicken tweeted, "This isn't my first rodeo". The 23-foot fiberglass statue was installed outside a shopping mall in Taiyuan, China. Through the installation, documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar, the Indian origin owner of the balloon, wanted to make a statement about Donald Trump being a "weak and ineffective leader". Even some Trump supporters, like Latiolais' parents like the design.

That WSJ assault on Breitbart can nearly be seen as emblematic of a proxy war between the more establishment figures in the White House, like McMaster, and the nationalist set that has recently stormed Washington with the rise of Trump.