Kelly has his work cut out for him — Editorial

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Well, we hardly got to know the Mooch. Scaramucci was one of four people to be the second to hold their position within the administration, though he is - so far - the only such person to no longer hold it.

"On the same day of Scaramucci's firing, someone noticed he was also listed as dead in his alma mater's directory..."

Scaramucci is ousted just as the new White House chief of staff John Kelly, a no-nonsense former Marine Corps general named to replace Priebus, takes charge. Eventually Spicer resigned when Scaramucci was hired for the position. He also received the most praise from right-leaning publications desperate to find a diamond in the Scaramucci rough.

Miller pointed to "fantastic" economic numbers, citing Dow Jones industrial stocks approaching 22,000 and economic growth rate of 2.6 percent last quarter.

On his Facebook page, Lapan elaborated on a potential move to the White House: "To say things have been a whirlwind since Friday afternoon would be an understatement".

- President Donald Trump continues to try to push through his agenda. He spoke Tuesday on CNN. How the [beep] do you think? "They have a beachhead".

Kelly's interest in Lapan suggests that he is as eager to impose discipline on the White House messaging strategy as he is to impose order on the chaotic and fractious West Wing. He said, "Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac".

And: "I'm not Steve Bannon, I'm not trying to suck my own c--", he said, speaking of Trump's chief strategist.

Scaramucci did not apologize for the tirade, but said he would try to clean up his language in the future. "One week into the job and the guy already had four scandals", said Noah, "Even Trump was going, This guy, every day there's something new with him".

The sudden departure of Scaramucci, who was only in his second week on the job and who was reporting directly to Trump, reflected anything but that, a White House in complete chaos, and riven by fierce infighting between similarly empowered factions.

Republican lawmakers rallied to the defense of Sessions, a former U.S. senator from Alabama, and Trump has not mentioned him in tweets in recent days. In his resignation Scaramucci reportedly requested to be redeployed to the US's Export-Import Bank as chief strategy officer.