Jon Jones is back on top — Quijano

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Jones was quick to swoop with another kick that sent Cormier crashing to the canvas and followed it up with a flurry of blows which prompted referee John McCarthy to stop the fight.

It wasn't a surprising challenge since Jones hyped the potential superfight in the lead-up to Saturday's PPV.

"Man I tell you what man, anybody at home that have let themselves down, you let your family down, you let your peers down, your co-workers down, you let yourself down, it's never over".

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier lost his title on Saturday in a rematch with rival Jon Jones in the UFC 214 main event in Anaheim, Calif. Jones put Cormier away in the third round after perfectly placing a kick on the side of Cormier's head followed by punches.

Cormier controlled the action in the first two rounds against a rusty Jones.

"If I'm going to sacrifice being the smaller guy, I think stylistically, Brock [Lesnar] would be a fight that makes more sense", Jones said. Cormier was in the corner early on, and then the trouble grew from there on. Some will agree with it and some won't.

He won the UFC's heavyweight belt in 2008 with a win over Randy Couture, but is winless in his last three fights, including first round stoppages to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem.

He was like, "No, I don't want to use it in the fight".

When I was watching the post-fight press conference, I was like holy [expletive]... "Obviously Brock Lesnar has millions of followers outside of MMA, so that's huge for our sport, to kind of steal some of those followers. He came with new weapons and a new level of composure". He then slammed the microphone and made his exit. Currently, he is the Universal Champion in the Raw division of WWE. Afterwards he defended his gameplan. "Unfortunately, we were opponents, but outside of that, he is a true champion for the rest of his life", said Cormier. After his match against Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20, Brock left the WWE and pursued a legendary career in UFC.