J. Cole Met With Colin Kaepernick, Expresses Support For QB In Baltimore

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Kaepernick remains unsigned as National Football League training camps near an end and preseason games loom. Kaepernick's political career began in the 2016 NFL preseason when, as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, he gained worldwide fame for kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racist policing practices, continuing throughout the season.

Kaepernick caused a stir last season when he knelt during the national anthem before several games to protest racial inequality.

Whether or not Mara's prediction comes to fruition remains to be seen, but his stance is not likely to cool the hot debate surrounding Kaepernick and his current state of employment (or lack thereof).

Some have suggested that Kaepernick is being blackballed from the NFL.

"Anybody that thinks that there's been any conversations going on among teams about Colin Kaepernick is insane", Mara said. The Miami Dolphins had an opening, too, but former Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler came out of retirement to sign with the team.

Any dispute over which report - The Daily Caller's exposé or TMZ's rebuttal - is also based on speculation, considering Kaepernick has not yet spoke on the matter. In fact, the source said a team offered Kaepernick a contract over the offseason, which he later turned down because he reportedly didn't want to earn "backup money". The activist and superstar quarterback, formerly with the San Francisco 49ers, has went to Baltimore in hopes of getting signed by the Ravens.

In a resounding endorsement of his pal Stephen A. Smith, Vitale said he understands why Smith recently went on one of his famous diatribes about Kaepernick deserving a job in the NFL.

Lee was already upset about the Kaepernick situation in March.

These comments made by Schneider echo similar comments made by 49ers GM John Lynch back in late-June, helping to clear the misconception that Kaepernick is focused more on himself than the game of football.