I'm Petyr Baelish from 'Game of Thrones' and I'm weird as shit

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The dagger was last seen in Littlefinger's possession after he presumably took it as a trophy when he betrayed Ned Stark (on whose desk the dagger sat in season one, episode four, "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things.") But it's about to come back. Suddenly taking on an affectation of blankness that he hasn't displayed at all thus far, Bran can't even be bother to return Sansa's emotional embrace.

His personality change in this episode even when compared to season 6 is also something to watch. As Tyrion points out, what he's asking makes no sense, isn't reasonable, and his expectation that a stranger would fly to his aid on his say-so is ... hard to understand. Looks pretty, right? Pretty enough to go in a necklace, certainly... just like the one Ser Dontos gives to Sansa Stark before Joffrey's wedding to Margaery. We've already seen Sansa spar with her older brother Jon about how to rule Winterfell, with actress Sophie Turner admitting that the two will battle it out for the top spot.

"I'M LEGIT CRYING #GameofThrones", exclaimed one fan, while another viewer wrote: "This has been years in the making, literally #GameOfThrones #NoConfederate". The two had a contentious relationship as children, but they clearly have gone through hell and back. And as we will reveal in a while, almost everything about the Season 7 is already known.

"I think 'Game of Thrones' and a few other TV shows like 'The Sopranos, ' 'Breaking Bad' and things of that mold have completely changed the way TV is perceived forever", Hempstead Wright says, adding that these shows are more immersive than most films. This is just how I am. Now, in season seven, the characters are once again largely spread across a handful of locations (primarily King's Landing, Winterfell, the Citadel, and Dragonstone, with somestragglers heading toward one of those locations).

After stabbing Robb in the metaphorical back, Theon tried to assert his dominance in Winterfell by murdering a defiant Rodrik Cassel (Ron Donachie), the castle's master-at-arms. Fragments. I need to learn to see better.

She also said that getting along is going to be difficult for them as Sansa is not that knowledgeable military-wise and because she is constantly trying to interfere with Jon's decisions. And the series' most frustrating missing links pertain to the Starks, whose arcs snap backwards so often they're basically switchbacks.

- John, Davos and party will travel to the southernmost part of The Wall, the place where sea meets the wall.

Like seriously, we wanted more of this! If, as an Entertainment Weekly cover from earlier this year revealed, Arya eventually ends up with the dagger, that doesn't bode well for Littlefinger.