How Liverpool forced Coutinho to submit transfer request

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Liverpool is not a club that has to sell players. More than that, they were a side capable of dominating any opponent. I went to quite a lot of games when I was younger, then going through the youth ranks with Derby I couldn't get to many, but definitely when I was younger I went to a lot. The arrival of van Dijk could even inspire Lovren, Klavan and Matip to step up. His adamant nature showed when he vehemently said that even if people are angry at him, the team must stay confident. "I am already here to work with this squad and not just always thinking 'but if we don't get this or this'".

No wonder Jurgen Klopp was in such a terrible mood at his first pre-match press conference of the Premier League season.

Who's a player on your team that neutrals might not know much about, but should become fans of?

The Reds reached the Champions League Final that season and Benitez had understandably wanted to protect some of his star players. He will bring a more nuanced tactical approach. They will be hoping for a similarly strong start this year.

"The favourites must be Manchester City", he explained.

It's safe to say everybody was confused. But Liverpool know that even if Barcelona return with a third bid in excess of 100 million pounds, it is probably too late for them to spend the money sensibly. But it'll be one of them. Elated? Cautiously optimistic? Furious?

Klopp's plan this season revolves around signings and training, which are important steps for building on their base from where they left last season.

Ernesto Valverde's side saw Coutinho's compatriot Neymar leave in a £198 million move to Paris Saint-Germain earlier this month, but it is thought that they would not be able to afford to sign both of Dembélé and Coutinho. They've expanded Anfield. They've tried. "So what they pay in the end doesn't matter".

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They claim the Spanish club are looking for a player for the position, and given Moreno's recent quotes saying he would be keen on returning to his home country, Estádio Deportivo takes this as Sevilla's chance.

Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, and Mohamed Salah share blistering pace and the ability to slalom past defenders. He joined Liverpool from Inter Milan for £8.5m in 2013.