How last night's 'world-changing' Game of Thrones scene happened

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Titled "The Spoils of War", the episode ended with Jaime Lannister's uncertain fate. The episode was the shortest in Game of Thrones history, coming in at around 50 minutes.

Despite the presence of a massive dragon, the big final battle in this week's Game of Thrones included a lot of practical effects.

The attack, officially dubbed the "loot train attack" by the crew, was a hard challenge for the creative team behind Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow takes Daenerys down into the Dragonglass mines and shows her some cave paintings.

After Daenerys and Jon met they didn't seem to be huge fans of each other, but they develop mutual respect in Spoils of War. The second, a circle with a straight line through it, is the exact image of the dead bodies arranged by the White Walkers that we first saw in the pilot episode. The two are left in a sort of stalemate.

Viewers then travel to King's Landing where the Iron Bank declare their support for Cersei, once she pays her debt she plans on hiring the Golden Company mercenaries to bolster her army.

Cersei, hell-bent on revenge, imprisons both Ellaria and Tyene. Will the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms trade one of them back for her beloved brother?

First, he greeted sister Sansa-who he hadn't seen in YEARS-rather coldly, before revealing that he had seen what Ramsay Bolton did to her by way of him being the Three-Eyed Raven.

With Sansa's knowledge of the inner workings of the political system of Westeros and also a deep knowledge of how Cersei thinks, coupled with Arya's assassin skills, the two could make an incredible pair that can pretty much destroy whoever they want if they team up.

With the breathtaking events of episode 4 behind us, it's time to see what the show has in store for us next Sunday (Monday in Straya). After all, Dany had simply been an extension of Viserys for her whole life, and he was giving that up. Remember how mad she was when he returned home without his hand?

Next, Arya reunited with Brienne and challenges her to spar, which gives fans one of the most fun and exciting moments in the episode. Using her dragon as precisely as a chef wielding a blowtorch over a crème brûlée, she decimates Jaime's army. While on the ground Daenerys and Jamie come face to face with each other.

"I don't think it enters the pantheon of greatest episodes of all time, but that battle scene at the end was wonderful", Noble declares.

It's nothing against Bronn as a character, but this is Game of Thrones after all, and it would seem that most of Bronn's possible character arc is done.