Health department reports confirmed case of West Nile Virus in Lexington

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"The rain does bring more mosquitoes", said Renae Crutchfield, spokesperson for Dallas County Health and Human Services.

"Our positive mosquito numbers are still ramping up", he said.

The virus is known to be present in mosquito populations in Kentucky. Residents who see standing water they can't drain themselves are advised to call the mosquito abatement district at (831) 422-6438.

Less than one percent of infected people develop serious illnesses, such as encephalitis or meningitis. In the second recorded outbreak in 2012, that number sat around 250.

"To us, it looked like a traveling case, so we don't believe it was contracted here", Klemme said.

"This really depends on what are numbers are going to be like next week". Human infections lag behind the peak for mosquitos.

Public health applied its third round of larviciding to catch basins in the county last week, she said, and trapping is expected to continue until the week of September 18. Additionally, last month, a horse tested positive for EEE in Brooks County.

Logan City Mosquito Abatement Director Rex Davis said the mosquito was caught in a trap near 1700 North and 1200 West.

The state documented its first human infections from West Nile in 2002.

Hunter said this year's hot, wet summer is an ideal breeding environment for the species of mosquitos that carry the virus.

"These same precautionary measures will also help protect people from other insect borne diseases", Burstein said. The virus was contracted near Marianne Williams Park, on Barber Valley Drive in Boise. "I want to remind residents how to minimize exposure to mosquitoes". "The more time someone is outdoors, the more time the person is at risk of being bitten by an infected mosquito; that is why we encourage everyone to take all precautions against mosquito bites".

Less than a week before classes are scheduled to resume, the Austintown School District is telling parents that mosquitoes found on school property have tested positive for West Nile Virus.