Game of Thrones teasers for season 7, episode 5

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Which could be a scarier prospect. But go here instead.

That epic battle scene at the end naturally drew a lot of the attention and much of the discussion post-episode was about the fact we finally got to see a dragon in action. The heightened focus makes things feel a little less like the Game of Thrones we've grown to know, but it also allows us to really learn about the characters that have stuck around all this time. So what would that mean for Jaime?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Jerome Flynn prepare to lose a battle. They chose you to lead them. But there's a second meeting at Dragonstone we're looking forward to: When Jon Snow gets to meet Dany's dragons. When Littlefinger says he would have done anything for Catelyn, all we can think is what Sansa thinks this episode when she hears about the Catspaw dagger: Littlefinger doesn't do anything unless he thinks it benefits him.

Alone on the Great Grass Sea, she looks at Dany and says: "Remember who you are, Daenerys, ..." There's an enormous feeling of payoff here, and yet earned and rooted in character. Did you observe that Arya only made her way to Winterfell after knowing that Jon was there? Plus: "Who taught you to do that?" The Iron Bank will only help Cersei as long as they expect her to win, which is up in the air after this episode. The paintings and carvings on the wall also back up Jon's claim that the White Walkers are real. Previous set pieces gave us relatively easy choices: Jon and Sansa versus Ramsay Snow, or Theon and Yara versus insane uncle Euron.

Like winter itself, we can only hope explanations are coming. Though Sunday night's battle was a major victory for Team Dany, it also contains the seed at the center of her conflict this season: Does she want to rule the Seven Kingdoms, or just conquer them? The sort of clash you can nearly imagine the producers devoting an entire episode to (such things may not be possible given the short order), the grain train clash was one for the ages. If she's fortunate, her dragon will heal and she won't be so foolhardy to fly into danger again. Jaime trying to fight on two sides at once!

What about Drogon? Before it was destroyed, Bronn delivered a single giant crossbow to the dragon's throat, wounding it and sending it eventually to the ground.

Conversely, Daenerys is one of the closest things GOT has to an out-and-out good guy, and she certainly gets a hero's entrance. It was brutal, it was punishing.

Perhaps most importantly, it's the first episode in which all three of the surviving Stark children are together, at home or at all, since the first season. What Sansa doesn't realize is she has powers of her own, thanks to her political education from people like Cersei and Littlefinger.

In short: Bronn of the Blackwater, it doesn't matter what heap you come from.

MVP: Bronn. Just 'cos. The first two betrayals seemed to have already happened, but Tyrion could fulfill the third part of the prophecy by betraying Dany for his love for Jaime. She's been shown to commanded the trio from afar before. "You preserve your dignity and die standing and they'll sing songs about you".