'Game of Thrones' Season 7, Episode 3: Highlights from 'The Queen's Justice'

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Needless to say, this article contains spoilers for the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Tyrion is visibly upset by all this, and after some careful nudging from him, Dany agrees to reconsider Jon's tall tales.

But is it just me or is Euron's eyeliner threatening to overtake character? Not a Stark, indeed, Jon.

GAME of Thrones fans can't stop talking about the blood-soaked fantasy epic, and who can blame us? First off, Jon will not bend the knee, despite what Torrhen Stark promised to Aeogon Targaryen hundreds of years before. You just witnessed the most anticipated one by far. Of course, Dany thinks he's insane.

But nothing can come close to the queen of Westeros' sheer cunning and cruelty.

Could the revelation that Jon Snow has been resurrected have repercussions that affect his relationship with Daenerys?

But it looks like the writers were laying clues for this moment as far back as the first season of the show when they produced this conversation between the now deceased Robert Baratheon and Cersei, and it suggests that Cersei doesn't grasp what it takes to win a war and will eventually meet a sorry end. She might be better off winning allies than holding them casually prisoner.

Theon is unceremoniously hauled up onto one of Yara's remaining ships. But there were fireworks of some sort courtesy of Cersei, who "goes on what Kill Bill's Bride might refer to as a roaring rampage of revenge" (most gruesomely, we learn the fate of Ellaria Sand). Plus, Cersei has other wretchedness to attend to. "He really was a c*** wasn't he?" she said, before warning Jamie about Cersei being "a monster".

On Twitter fans zeroed in on one line in particular, when Daenerys told Jon she is "the last Targaryen". Cersei assures him he'll have payment in a fortnight. More on that in a bit. He convinced Jon to ask Dany for dragon glass to fight the White Walkers, and with this gesture, she realized that Jon shares her passion to save people. Jon seems to remember he also came for that little mountain of dragonglass below Dany's castle. Tyrion points something out when talks nearly fail between the two. He gives her what no other man could give - justice. While we all have the Red Priestess Melisandre to thank for making this happen, well, as you must have seen by now, it wasn't exactly the kind of happy union that we had hoped for. Here's hoping they write away for some correspondence courses on military strategy, too. She appears to be ready for decisive action, and that may or may not include some dragon fire. It's an episode for the bad guys. Speaking in riddles about ravens and visions, Bran turns down the chance to rule Winterfell and instead decides to remind Sansa about her marriage to Ramsey, confirming his green seeing ability. Sansa is overcome, embracing him and sitting with him in the godswood, and Bran is, uh, less emotive. Last season, she told Littlefinger that she could still feel the things that Ramsay did inside her body and Ramsay, minutes before his death, told Sansa he would "always be a part of her". He's on scroll duty and must copy old, decaying texts before they're lost to the paper mites. You must have felt powerful after you made that choice. Jaime did something unexpected by attacking House Tyrell in Highgarden with a sole crucial objective- its gold that will help Cersei's negotiation with the Iron Bank. Jaime's a moderating influence on Cersei and may well have learned from his past military mistakes, but as his adventures in Dorne and at Riverrun have shown, he's only a barely competent negotiator. "She was mine and you took her from me, why did you do that?" says Cersei.