'Game of Thrones': Bran's speech more than just words

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Drogon moans as he tumbles and falls to the earth, and then the music kicks in, and why Game of Thrones, why? After a quiet threat, the not too bright gatekeepers bring the wandering Stark into the Castle grounds and as they argue on who shall inform Lady Sansa about this unusual girl claiming to be her dead sister, Arya vanishes.

Plus, whoever tackles Jaime has fingerless gloves, like Bronn. Now that she's got both Needle and the dagger, she's bound to become an even more deadly assassin (as her practice fight with Brienne of Tarth only proved).

But Bran knows all about Littlefinger, which is probably a mixed blessing.

Daenerys has yet to hear back regarding the battle at Casterly Rock. What if she suffers another setback, especially one as bad as Drogon being killed?

Outside, Arya is at the gates of Winterfell, and eventually convinces a pair of bozo guards that she is indeed a Stark. Frustrated and angry, Dany wants to fly her dragons to the Red Keep and burn it down.

Meanwhile, Sansa is just starting to figure out that not only has Bran come back a total fuckin' weirdo, her sister Arya is a homicidal maniac. While in the caves, Jon shows her paintings on the walls describing how the first men and the children of the forest once united against a common enemy: the White Walkers. While she attacked, Daenerys had no idea she was in the process of taking such a great loss.

In the books, Cersei actually feels totally justified in carrying on her relationship with Jaime exactly because the Targaryens had a history of marrying brothers and sisters, and it was both accepted and expected - so why should the Lannisters, an (in Cersei's estimation) equally special House, not be able to do the same?

A clearly irate Daenerys lambasted Tyrion's strategy - everything he planned to date had fallen apart, every battle he outlined just weeks ago was lost - and it was time for her to take on Olenna Tyrell's advice.

While most fire scenes in TV shows and films typically involve a lot of behind-the-scenes computer effects, the Game of Thrones showrunners love real flames just as much as the Mother of Dragons herself.

Game of Thrones threw a dragon-shaped curveball at viewers last night as Daenerys took to the battlefield in a big way: dragonback, attacking Jaime Lannister's forces as they were heading home from their recent victory at Highgarden.

Fifty minutes. Fifty minutes of quite fantastic television.

Fortunately for the 24-year-old, he got to show off his throwing arm, throwing a spear that took down a Dothraki soldier. Bronn's hearing tips of the danger, which harks back to Hardhome, even though the threat here is the exact opposite.

Emilia Clarke in a scene from season 7 episode 4 of Game of Thrones. I think the clear cut victor in this episode was Drogon. Is Littlefinger on Arya's list?

I think it's safe to say that a lot of us weren't keen on waiting till Sunday and made a decision to watch it early, thanks to hackers and of course, the internet. Either that, or suffer the consequences when she told Sansa access was denied.

The Spoils of War is a true return to Game of Thrones, I know this for when it ended I quietly mouthed an expletive to myself.