DOJ investigating Uber for possible violation of foreign bribery law

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On Monday, the company announced that it was offering Kalanick's job to Dara Khosrowshahi, current CEO of travel company, Expedia.

He replaces co-founder Travis Kalanick, who was ousted in June over concerns about his behaviour.

"Uber's CEO will not be Meg Whitman".

For the past few months, Uber has been without a chief executive officer.

It also lost several top executives, including its CFO and COO.

At Uber, just 15% of its technical workforce are women, according to its first diversity report released in March. For example, the board discussed whether to team up with a auto company for Uber's driverless vehicle operation, tech news outlet The Information recently reported. Now they're without a manager. But there are nonetheless concerns that Khosrowshahi's political statements could be a liability for Uber.

Cowen's Kopelman, however, believes that Expedia has a strong management bench, with largely independent teams of seasoned executives in place running the company's major divisions. Even before the dust could settle on the matter, Susan Fowler, a former engineer at Uber, published a shocking account of sexual harassment and sexism prevalent in the company. The new CEO might need to help draft some new ones. The company's adjusted loss for the quarter before interest and taxes was $645 million.

Today, though, things may be taking a turn for the better. He said he expects a replacement CEO "sooner rather than later". For Uber, it's auto seats; for Expedia, it's hotel rooms and airplane seats. Waymo claims that Uber purchased Anthony Levandowski's startup, Otto, and along with it came 14,000 files worth of Alphabet's trade secrets. He will also have to address an intellectual property lawsuit that was brought about by the self-driving vehicle division of Google. Travis Kalanick may no longer have an operating role in his company, but as a key player in Uber's origin, he has a seat on the board, 10 percent of stock and 16 percent of voting rights in Uber, according to legal filings. Uber is now investigating how the company's former president of its Asia business obtained a copy of the woman's medical report from her rape.

So who is Uber's chosen one? Uber is already leveraging its network of drivers to expand into trucking and food delivery.Uber is the most highly-valued start-up Silicon Valley has produced over the past decade, and it is expected to move toward a massive public stock offering in the coming year or so.

Khosrowshahi would have to surrender most of a lucrative compensation package awarded in March 2015 when he signed a contract to remain Expedia CEO through September 2020. The firm is also without a chief operating officer, chief financial officer and head of finance. "Neither of them seemed like logical choices", Ramsey said.