Did the Solar Eclipse Damage Your Eyes?

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Doctors say the damage is pretty obvious. "You should also be concerned if you are experiencing persistent blurry vision, light sensitivity, pain or headaches since viewing the eclipse". If you looked at the sun during the eclipse with your naked eye, you might suffer from some of these conditions. And, depending on the severity of the damage, vision problems may be treatable or permanent, but time is of the essence.

Millions watched Monday's celestial sensation, and many grabbed a quick glimpse without proper eye protection.

Many people like Nelson wore the correct viewing glasses.

Samantha Collins, a manager at Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care in Markland Mall, said her office also hasn't received any calls or patients related to the eclipse, showing an unexpected display of prudence throughout the area.

Following the eclipse, Google searches for things like "solar eclipse headache", "seeing spots", and "eyes hurt" all spiked.

So what if you made the same mistake as Trump and looked up with your unprotected eyes?

"It can and actually usually does improve over several months, up to six months to a year, but oftentimes there's some level of permanent damage", he said.

Ideally, eclipse viewers shouldn't have taken any direct look at the sun. "Essentially there's a lens inside your eye that focuses the light very similar to that magnifying glass and what it can do is physically burn the retina". Potential signs of damage include sensitivity to light, eye pain and loss of vision in one or both eyes. But he was checking the website of The American Society of Retina Specialists, which was on the lookout for reports of solar retinopathy caused by the eclipse from doctors around the country. The symptoms may not show up for hours.

If you feel as though you may be experiencing any of these symptoms, Chous noted that you should immediately visit your eye doctor for a comprehensive exam.

UH's Orge has seen retinopathy in adult patients before and said it is somewhat more common in those who use LSD because they are mesmerized by colors and stare at the sky.