Deposed Pakistani Prime Minister Starts Two Days Of Rallies

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After being driven for 12 hours surrounded by supporters showering his vehicle with rose petals from the capital Islamabad to the neighbouring city of Rawalpindi, normally a 30-minute drive, Sharif addressed the crowd shortly after midnight.

Sharif had stepped down after the Supreme Court disqualified him for failing to declare "receivable" salary from a UAE-based company of his son in his 2013 nomination paper. He said that his ousting was an insult to the 200 million voters.

PML-N leaders are in the process of making arrangements for more supporters to attend the rally, and as the convoy sets off towards Lahore once again.

The march is taking place amid tight security, with large numbers of police officers and paramilitary soldiers deployed both in Islamabad and along the Grand Trunk Road, the main highway connecting the capital with Lahore.

He asked whether he committed any corruption or he was involved in plundering.Former prime minister pointed out that judges had also said there was no charge of corruption against him.

It seems that Nawaz wants to go to any length against the apex court, he alleged.

"Nawaz Sharif has left his office but his policies will continue", he said while expressing confidence that his government would achieve the PML-N's mega-development targets as conceived by the deposed prime minister. He said the people have rejected corrupt entities of the past.

After 60 days, the probe committee filed its report in the court and within two weeks, a verdict was delivered that ordered the elections authority to disqualify Nawaz Sharif. "I leave this for history to determine", said Sharif.

"Supreme Court disqualified him and this is the only way he can save himself", Shah said and advised the former PM to trust the power of parliament, public support and Bhutto's ideology.

The rally restarted its second day journey from the Punjab House, where PML-N leader had a stopover for a night. Nasir Hashmi, president of the RIUJ and Ali Raza Alvi, General Secretary in a joint statement made it clear that journalists would be forced to boycott coverage of the rally and speeches of the Quaid of PML-N in case such incidents recurred.

PTI spokesman Fawad Chaudhry called Sharif's decision to rally to Lahore a useless efforts to revive his dying politics. But now Sharif says his party won't replace Abbasi with his brother.