'Deadpool 2': Why Does Cable Have a Teddy Bear Sidekick?

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Meanwhile, Stefan Kapicic, who reprises his role as Colossus from the first 'Deadpool, ' told THR's Heat Vision, "This is just the beginning of fantastic things that are coming", adding, "Cable is one of the characters I was raised with".

As compared to Domino's look in the movie, which received flak for not depicting the exact replica from the comic books, Cable's attire and makeup come extremely close, some could even say the makers nailed it with Brolin.

We found out that the villain from "Deadpool 2" will be Cable, played by Josh Brolin, but we didn't have any pictures.

A stuntwoman for co-star Zazie Beetz was also seen rocking her post-apocalyptic clothing as the character Domino.

However, for now it is all about the first look at Brolin as Cable, and clearly the character is ready to go to war. More exactly, amusing pictures with Deadpool.

Director David Leitch will be taking over the second installment of the 2016 film from Tim Miller. Many years later, Cable would return to the present day to turn the idealistic New Mutants into X-Force, a militant offshoot of the X-Men who eventually fight Cable's clone, Strife, who... you know what? The 49-year-old's insane muscle bulking regime required to faithfully satisfy the comic book character of a physically imposing and heavily armed soldier from the future. It will be great to see how Fox has fit him the narrative, and going by the first glimpse, we can assume they have done it right.

The sequel to the 2016 superhero film is now filming in Canada, with Brolin's involvement confirmed earlier this year, along with Reynolds returning as the titular antihero.

For the moment, "Deadpool 2" is set to be released on June 1st, 2018 and we don't have other teaser trailer yet. "Deadpool 2" is now filming in Vancouver with David Leitch serving behind the lens.