Bitcoin Split 2017: What Is Bitcoin Cash?

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In the future markets, bitcoin cash is trading at approximately 13% of the bitcoin's current price. In fact, bitcoin price rose from below $1,800 to $2,910 in the past 24 hours.

For specific technical details, please refer to the User Activated Hard Fork specification. It announced, "Customers who wish to access both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC) need to withdraw Bitcoin stored on Coinbase before 11.59 pm PT July 31, 2017". Before you invest hard currency into Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, consider if you can afford to lose that money and proceed with caution.

The coins are created by miners, who operate computer farms that verify other users' transactions by solving complex mathematical puzzles. The price of bitcoin has already started to drop following the announcement. It could just as easily have taken place in more traditional ways.

Tuesday's hard fork hinged on an increase in the size of blocks (components of the Bitcoin blockchain), meant to reduce transaction times and fees. The reason is that Wallets will be treating the fork in different ways and some will not honour the Bitcoin Ccash tokens.

While the overall mood of the report is positive, Moas is careful to point out the risks of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We get it, bitcoin is a bit confusing.

As to what they even want, the developers want to limit the size of the blocks in order to make hacking less of a threat. The bitcoin network can only support 1MB per minute or seven transactions per second, according to The Telegraph, which is paltry compared to the thousands per second run through financial webs supporting credit cards, for example. On the other hand, VISA has the capacity to process more than 1,600 transactions per second. A May agreement between large bitcoin companies effectively pushes the threat of a split off until November.

A group of developers, the Bitcoin Core team, is pushing an update known as SegWit2x ("segregated witness"). Bitcoin is distributed, and a consensus is needed to make changes to the code.

They claimed that the danger with the Segwit2x scheme was that there was no guarantee a doubling of the block size would follow the data-splitting step, as promised. After that happens, blocks would double in size some time in November. As a result, people have made a decision to create their own hard fork. The actual bitcoin cash coins do not exist yet, so we shouldn't extrapolate too much from the week that bitcoin cash futures were trading on ViaBTC. People who use bitcoin couldn't be sure which version they held, or what might happen if they spent it or accepted bitcoin as payment.

Now comes the most important part. Bitcoin's rival, Ethereum, experienced its own fork in 2016, eventually leading to the creation of the form of the cryptocurrency we know today.

"I don't see Bitcoin Cash as a threat to bitcoin and I don't expect any network disruption on August 1 caused by Bitcoin Cash activation", Palatinus says.

This way you'll avoid leaking your password and private keys via potential malware. 16 exchanges, 8 wallets.

Some members of the bitcoin community, however, failed to signal support for SegWit2X, on the back of concerns that the proposed software upgrade doesn't adequately addressed the scaling problem. And, surprise, they all don't agree on the solution. Bitcoin Cash allows mining of blocks up to eight times greater than the original Bitcoin's one-megabyte maximum size.

But Bitcoin's stocks have still risen drastically since introduction to the public market, only topping $2000 for the first time a few weeks earlier in May, CNBC reported. But if you've considered investing in Bitcoin - or a competing currency like Etherium - you're coming into a market that's as unpredictable as it's ever been.