2016 down as warmest year on record

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The New York Times was embarrassed when it had claimed a climate change report draft was an exclusive to the newspaper, but scientists who wrote it said it was available since January 2017. The final draft contains the typical anxiety-laden language of how man-made global warming will be significantly detrimental to humanity.

The leak of the draft report comes amid an unprecedented streak of rapidly rising global temperatures.

California experienced its warmest summer on record previous year, the report noted, as one of its most severe droughts gave way to one of its wettest winters. The global report was made by 450 scientists from 60 countries, facing widespread skepticism about the phenomenon. "This is the first case in which an analysis of climate change of this scope has come up in the Trump administration, and scientists will be watching very carefully to see how they handle it". The damage is done and can't be hidden; the evidence is irrefutable.

Winter sea ice locking in Nome for the winter.

Since taking office, the administration has appeared intent on removing the phrase "climate change" from government documents, studies, and even public discussions. It surpassed 2015, of course.

The data compiled in the report showed 2016 was overall a year of records. NOAA said this is the third consecutive year breaking the record of hottest years.

"Last year's record heat resulted from the combined influence of long-term global warming and a strong El Nino early in the year", said the report.

"- Global sea level rose another quarter of an inch (3.4 millimeters) for the sixth straight year of record high sea levels. The last time carbon dioxide levels were as great was likely more than 800,000 years ago, long before modern humans roamed the earth.

"This brought the global average carbon dioxide concentration for 2016 to 402.9 ppm", surpassing 400 ppm for the first time in modern records or ice core records that go back almost 800,000 years, she said.

Greenhouse gases were the highest on record. Both land and sea surface temperatures set new highs. Since 2000, the maritime temperature is increasing by 2.92 degrees Fahrenheit per century, much more than the 1950-2016 trend of warming at 1.8 degrees per century. And it is roughly double the trend of surface temperature warning since 1901.

Scientists also observed an increase in extreme water cycles around the world with many parts of the globe experiencing major floods while other are facing severe droughts. Scientists have expressed fear that the Trump administration might try to suppress the findings since they contradict the stated positions of top U.S. officials, including Scott Pruitt, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"Arctic air temperatures continue to increase at double the rate of the global temperature increase, and this increase can be linked directly to changes in the Arctic environmental system", the report found. The hydrology of the Colorado River Basin, on which the West's big cities such as Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas depend, has already undergone "profound change", the report says.