Trump's religious freedom ambassador nominee is terribly unpopular

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It will be interesting to see how much of his theocratic background Brownback carries into his new gig (assuming he's confirmed by the Senate, which tends to happen more easily with former colleagues).

President Donald Trump has announced his intent to nominate Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback for Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, Department of State.

If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Brownback would resign as governor and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer would take the position.

"Ideologically, I think he's aligned with Gov. Brownback", Ryckman said.

Republican state Representative Melissa Rooker, in a separate interview with Reuters, called Brownback's tax policy "an unmitigated disaster".

If confirmed, Brownback's new job will be to promote religious freedom overseas as a USA foreign policy objective.

"The only way to reverse the effects of the Brownback/Colyer Administration is to elect more Democrats next November".

"At noon today, I went and did something that is simple and done by millions of Americans every day", Brownback said.

For Kansas residents and politicians, Brownback is an odd pick.

He referred to strong disagreements with lawmakers over tax policy, but his tone carried little of the exasperation and anger that could sometimes be heard during the legislative session.

Government has, and should only have, limited power to intervene, he said.

Those issues are likely not to affect Brownback's appointment. After taking office, Brownback launched a radical economic "experiment" after taking office seven years ago, and it failed spectacularly. His appointment sends a unsafe message, especially in light of a May speech delivered by Mike Pence that promised assembled religious leaders that the Trump administration considered global religious freedom a major priority.

Brownback's governorship has also been marked by state fiscal woes.

"The concept being that religion is a search for god".

"On a more parochial level, it is wonderful to have an individual who has such a love for Jews and Judaism take the lead in representing the United States on this issue".

"I am glad the Trump administration shares my commitment to defending religious freedom and look forward to the consideration of Governor Brownback's nomination", Corker said in an email statement distributed by his office.

Brownback is planning a press conference for 2:30 p.m. Thursday in the governor's ceremonial office in the Kansas Capitol building. "It's getting worse around the world, not better", Brownback said.

His record has been far from favorable due to his experimental tax cuts, with a 2016 New York Times survey naming him the most unpopular governor, with only 26 percent approval rating.

But Ms. Clayton said she did not doubt that Mr. Brownback was genuine in his conservative beliefs, including his signature tax cuts, which he defended to the very end. In 2012, he made Kansas a laboratory in trickle-down economics by aggressively cutting taxes.

Reports that Brownback would be nominated for a federal job circulated around the Legislature during the spring session, but he wouldn't say how long he had been in discussions with federal officials about various jobs.