Trump threatens Dean Heller's Senate seat while sitting next to him

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Repeal would hit rural hospitals especially hard, and by extension entire communities.

Over the last six months, voters started to like the formerly unpopular package. And the first one, and the one that seems most likely at this stage, is failure.

But those concerns did not stop conservatives for calling for a clean repeal vote on Monday night.

The poll was conducted as the GOP's plan floundered in the Senate during the past week. Moderates thought the bill's cuts to Medicaid and the potential for massive coverage losses under the BCRA went too far.

The CBO has published its report on a draft of the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act.

"This was the one we were worried about, you weren't there", he said, motioning to Heller. Those can be copied and pasted into a new, bipartisan bill.

Changing his mind yet again on health care, President Donald Trump on Wednesday directly urged Republicans in the Senate to keep searching for a deal on a bill to overhaul the Obama health law, spurring a new flurry of negotiations among GOP Senators, as top Republicans vowed to hold a vote next week to start debate on the health care plan. The measure evaluated by CBO didn't include a key proposal backed by Texas Republican Sen. In other words, his Republican majority finally would have to reach out to Democrats to help shape and pass a bill to repair, not replace, Obamacare.

Indeed, a compromise package is not impossible, argued Sabrina Corlette, research professor at Georgetown University's Center on Health Insurance Reforms.

Make no mistake about what Trump is doing in that moment. "I'd just go downhill".

Former President Barack Obama's law extended coverage to some 20 million people, reducing the nation's uninsured rate to a historic low of about 9 percent. But it was passed without a single Republican vote and has faced entrenched opposition ever since. Conservatives say it will reduce premiums, but opponents say it would result in healthy people buying the cheap policies, leaving many with serious medical conditions unable to afford the fuller coverage they need.

The political stakes for the president and the Republicans, should they fail on health, care could be significant, since ending Obamacare was at the heart of their campaign themes for seven years.

Trump in a tweet Tuesday pointed the finger largely at Democrats but also acknowledged that "a few Republicans" were partly to blame, apparently referring to GOP Sens. "His tweeting or his suggestions that he'll [support] primary [challengers against] members of his own party ... he's not making any friends", Hudak said.

"There's going to be lots of "'splainin'" for you to do to constituents back home, as Ricky Ricardo used to say.

MITCH MCCONNELL: Well, it's pretty obvious we've had difficulty in getting 50 votes to proceed.

Holahan and Blumberg suggest instead a version of the late-enrollment penalties imposed under Medicare Parts B and D. These voluntary parts of Medicare, covering doctor and outpatient visits and prescription drugs, are partially paid by enrollees. The funding uncertainty is causing Obamacare insurers to seek higher premiums in 2018. "And they would have a very difficult time even staying in existence".

Heller, along with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R.), had previously come out against the Senate's version of the health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act.