Trump launches new attacks on Sessions

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Mr Trump's latest Twitter salvo followed a report in The Washington Post that he and his advisers have discussed replacing Mr Sessions, one of the billionaire's earliest supporters.

United States correspondent Richard Arnold told Mike Hosking the pair used to be extremely close, but now Mr Trump wants Sessions to go. Many establishment/pragmatic Republicans, including lawmakers and administration officials and aides, "got there" on Trump not because they were wild about the man, but out of respect for the office (and self-interest, of course).

Meanwhile, Brat said Sessions is "dutifully following the president's orders" and "deserves our praise for having the guts and the backbone to fight for this great country".

Jeff Sessions was the only Senator to endorse Trump during the Republican primaries, but this infighting is further complicated by the similarity of their politics.

Farnsworth said Brat's statement is a reminder of Sessions' popularity with conservative Republicans. He wants him to lead the Department of Justice.

Sessions said last week that he would remain in his position as long as it was appropriate.

Sessions "can return to the Senate where he has served us so well", while Trump "can appoint whomever he wants as attorney general", Brooks said. Trump said McCabe "got big dollars ($700,000) for his wife's political run from Hillary Clinton and her representatives".

Mr. Trump recently criticized Mr. Sessions on his recusal during an interview with The New York Times, and continued to tweet about his disappointment in the attorney general.

Trump has been angry that Sessions chose to recuse himself from the government's investigation of Russian meddling in last year's USA election.

Corker also issued a warning of sorts to the Trump White House, saying he can not believe the president and his staff would be having serious conversations about removing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

So reporters later asked Trump about Sessions' future during a joint press conference with the Lebanese prime minister.

Trump is angry that Sessions recused himself from the investigation into the relationship between Trump's presidential campaign and Russian Federation.

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., said, "I don't think it helps to throw your own people under the bus". Giuliani also has dismissed the reports, telling CNN that he thinks Sessions "made the right decision" to recuse himself.

After days of questioning Sessions's decisions, Trump all but signed his political death warrant on Tuesday by dismissing the attorney general as "very weak", perhaps the most cutting assessment for a president who prizes strength above all else.