Sessions' El Salvador trip focuses on MS-13 gang

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"What we want is a health care system that works for all of the American people", said Pence, explaining that one element should be cheaper coverage. Trump is thus busy smearing Sessions and Rosenstein.

A new attorney general might be willing to more aggressively oversee Mueller's probe into the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation or fire the special counsel outright, as Trump has suggested he wants. The Washington Post is owned by Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder and chief executive of Amazon.

On Wednesday White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders could not answer basic questions about how President Trump's new policy banning transgendered members of the military would be implemented. Trump proceeded to tweet about Sessions, describing him as "beleaguered" and "weak".

Trump would be wise to remember that Sessions is well respected among evangelical conservatives and the conservative base, voters Trump will need for re-election in 2020, so for this reason alone, he might want to think twice about going against Sessions.

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Vice-Pres. Mike Pence, in an interview with Fox News's Tucker Carlson, said he believes the president has been Tweeting about Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an effort to be candid about his disappointment.

"I have said publicly that I think it would be a mistake to fire this special counsel", he said.

"It was a highly contentious campaign", Sessions said at the time. The former Alabama senator served as chairman of the Trump campaign's foreign-policy advisory committee and was considered a top candidate to become the vice presidential nominee. In 1994, Sessions was elected attorney general of Alabama and, in 1997, he ironically took the Senate seat Heflin vacated.

But replacing Sessions through a recess appointment, which allows a president to fill vacancies while the Senate is not in session, would allow Trump to install a new attorney general-and one who would likely acquiesce to Trump's desire to end the special counsel's investigation. The two rarely speak and Sessions has been kept out of meetings. He wants him to run for governor: "When you read what Trump has said, it translates to 'Resign or get fired.' You can't make up after that".

"We have to coordinate our intelligence", Terwilliger said.

El Salvador charged 593 gang members ahead of Sessions' visit, including many MS-13 members, the Justice Department said. It's something that goes beyond any thought I would have ever had for myself. "He is really mad", Gingrich added.

"Not worry so much about Sessions and Mueller", Ruddy continued. It's hard to say what kind of relationships Trump has with the Russians, politically or in business, but his anger at the investigation has been obvious.

Trump has largely shrugged off these concerns. But she shrugged and said, "Bought sense is the best sense". "He's not willing to let the Mueller probe and other events unfold without taking action himself". Yet what they may not have anticipated is the extent to which his desire to protect the personal interests of his family and the business interests of the Trump Organization could eventually lead to a chasm between the White House and the Republican Party.

Pence also talked about health care, after a vote a repeal ObamaCare failed in the Senate.

The discussions about Sessions' fate come during a period of heightened anxiety inside the West Wing.

His new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, on Thursday spoke on CNN about "good leaks and bad leaks" and "nefarious, unnecessary, backstabbing, palace intrigue-like leaks".

Priebus is fighting to maintain his influence with the president.

The president has hurled a series of public attacks against Sessions over the past week, particularly over his recusal earlier this year, which Trump has called "very unfair to the president". One of Trump's public complaints has been that Sessions hasn't been aggressive enough in pursuing leakers of classified information.