Repealing Obamacare without replacement would see 32m lose health insurance - CBO

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That turn of events ultimately launched POTUS on a series of Twitter posts arguing that everyone but him was responsible for the debacle. "We have no choice, we have to repeal and replace Obamacare", he said.

He added: "People are hurting".

McConnell announced Monday night that he would put forth a repeal-only piece of legislation in the coming weeks. I don't necessarily think so. Helping Republicans would also mean rescuing the GOP from its current political donnybrook and perhaps sacrificing health care, at least in part, as a political issue in the 2018 election. "Bypassing that crucial step landed us in this sorry state of affairs", he said. "You never had that before".

When he did speak about health-care, he spoke in unhelpful generalities - or, astonishingly, bashed the bill as "mean". He didn't want to hurt people.

Trump jokingly told Sen. A spreadsheet titled "National Health Expenditures by type of service and source of funds, CY 1960-2015" shows that for 2015the share of health care expenditures paid out pocket was at 11.1 percent.

From the beginning of the process to the end, he did not answer a single question about the specifics of his plan.

"We're close. We're very close", Mr Trump said at the start of the lunch meeting, a day after the seven-year Republican quest to repeal and replace Democratic former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law collapsed in the Senate. "I have pen in hand", he said. The plan, as of Tuesday, was to amend the House bill with a repeal-only bill, similar to the one Congress passed in 2015 but which President Obama vetoed.

"We had a long talk yesterday morning. we talk frequently, just about the legislative agenda".

After jabbing Heller, Trump turned back to his remarks to the GOP caucus, warning them against blocking a vote on Obamacare repeal.

Democracy is supposed to be a feedback loop between voters and politicians: The politicians try to pass bills, those bills actually affect voters' lives, voters respond with activism and votes, and politicians respond by changing course.

"For seven years, you promised the American people that you would repeal Obamacare", he said. "I would say 40 members of the conference are ready to vote on any agreed upon product".

Milestones from the 1940s included the first clinical trials of penicillin in 1941 and the 1944 discovery of a drug that could kill the bacteria that caused tuberculosis. Susan Collins, Rob Portman, Shelley Moore Capito and Lisa Murkowski, who blocked the most recent clean repeal attempt. 'Now, we thankfully have a president in office who will sign it. So we should send it to him'. He urged Republicans to let the insurance markets "collapse". Many Democrats would rather see a "Medicare for All" or single-payer system like the one advocated by Sen. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican.

ObamaCare remained highly unpopular until the threat of abolishing it became real.

Lee and Moran dashed hopes of a vote on the beleaguered health bill, which has repeatedly failed to gain traction within its own party. "He's saying 'Death, death death!'", Trump said.

"He gets a little focused on that".

CNN's Tami Luhby has written extensively about how the law is performing well in some areas and poorly in others. But they'll inevitably chicken out when they see how their constituents would be affected. Still, it's been almost 20 years since Arizona choose a Democrat.