On World Emoji Day, Apple unveils new emojis coming this year

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Those include a woman breastfeeding, a woman with a headscarf, a star-struck emoji and an exploding head.

In case you're a bit impatient about the wait, the App Store will highlight apps on World Emoji Day that help to create fun things to do with your emoji.

In other World Emoji Day news, the Empire State Building is excited about emojis, too.

APPLE has given Planet Earth a sneak peek of its upcoming range of emojis.

"Emojis can seem like a trivial topic but people use emojis to represent themselves and their lives", she said at the time.

New emojis by Apple.-Apple
New emojis by Apple.-Apple

Apple was also apparently excited for the premiere of Game of Thrones season 7 last night, because one of the new emoji is a khaleesi character. And Candy Crush will give fans an exclusive first-look at in-game challenges inspired by The Emoji Movie. In celebration Apple has added emoji-themed movie banners to its iTunes Movies section.

What's more, iTunes Movies will feature film titles translated to emoji, which should make for a freaky, if intriguing lineup.

Apple announced these emojis will be available later this year, so get those texting fingers ready because your emoji game just got a lot more progressive.

Most of the growth in emoji usage began after Apple began to support emojis with the release of its iOS 5 operating system in 2011.

You may recall that 72 emoji came along with the last major iOS update last fall, including Facepalm and Salad.