Gov. Greg Abbott adds issues to Special Session Call

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The state of Texas is currently being ruled by Greg Abbott, a Governor who is trying to pass a potentially harmful "bathroom bill" that would require transgender people to use the bathroom in accordance with the sex on their birth certificates. The vote Thursday morning was largely ceremonial and was the last step in paving the way for future debate on more socially motivated issues such as the controversial "bathroom bill" that Mr. Patrick has been pushing for since before the beginning of the regular session in January.

The Senate wasted no time getting the ball rolling and assigned a slew of bills, selected by the Lieutenant Governor, to committees for consideration. Remember: Like all enablers, Republicans become responsible for the wrongdoing of the person they enable - and will be held accountable now and in the pages of history. It would also help small, rural school districts depending on the expired state aid program. This legislation threatens our ability to attract and retain the best talent in Texas, as well as the greatest sporting and cultural attractions in the world.

The three leaders of Texas make nice at a short Cash Management Committee meeting in the Betty King Room of the Texas Capitol on July 18, 2017, the first day of the special session.

Greg Abbott announced Monday that he's starting his re-election bid with nearly $41 million on hand, giving the Republican who has no major Democratic opponent in sight a big and formidable head start on any potential challenger in 2018.

"I'll bring the pizza and soda pop", Patrick said before adjournment. Members opposed to bills tied to the governor's agenda may be offering their own in order to crowd the schedule and run out the clock.

The House bills, pushed by Carrollton Republican Ron Simmons, are far narrower and seek to shift the power over regulating bathroom from municipalities and schools to the state government.

Clearing those agency oversight measures allows the Senate to tackle more divisive issues at breakneck speed, hence the late-night session. Who is for this, who is against this, who has not taken a position.

Almost biblical, President Trump is sacrificing his eldest son, Donald Jr., on an altar built upon avarice, calumnies, lust and gluttony -just to name a few. Rep. Lucio is hoping to squeeze in some amendments during the coming debates.