Google Discontinues Instant Search

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This means, now when you search for queries in the search bar, you will see suggestions, but Google will wait for you to hit the enter button before loading the search results page. If you were unsure how you were going to formulate a query or were just a slow typist, Instant Search could be helpful. No pages will load in the background, which is actually fine by me.

The clips will automatically start playing when search results are displayed. While some users prefer their videos to auto play, the general consensus is that this is quite annoying. Closer is the person from the affected area, more relevant information he would receive.

Also worth noting is the query.

Google is scrapping off a much-loved feature from its search engine - instant search results - which would've started suggesting you search keywords based on what you had already typed. You will also be able to retrieve updates regarding the situation, donation schemes and external sources providing similar information. The Instant Search model didn't work within that sphere. And, per the SEM Post, placement of the video varies from within the knowledge panel to beneath the Product Listing Ads.

This appears to be a desktop only, which will be a relief for those concerned about bandwidth usage on mobile.

Though helpful for users in computers, Google Instant was no use for mobile phones because of the screen restriction.

Autoplay is a controversial feature on the internet, so for now, I wouldn't expect this feature to pop up as anything more than an experiment. A Google spokesperson in a statement explained that the feature was being removed to improve search results on its platforms. You will find the video on the right side of the search results. Thankfully, when they do play they do so without sound - but it's still something that seems to have caused chagrin.