Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition Rumored To Feature 256GB Storage

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South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. The gadget is supposed to highlight 4GB RAM and 64GB/128GB of implicit stockpiling. It comes with Android Marshmallow operating system and is powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core processor.

Earlier this year, Samsung released a Galaxy S8+ variant, which boasts 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage.

Also, the smartphone features a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera with f1.9 aperture and LED flash. But in recent times, it has been investing heavily in the chip business. What's the catalyst for all this? Google's equipment boss Rick Osterloh has advised media that the follow-up to Pixel would discharge this year. The company has an addition of new OLED production line planned in the third quarter that would weigh on profit in the upcoming period.

Samsung Electronics shares are trading near all-time highs and have risen more than 60% over the past year. While it is believed that the OLED version of the iPhone 8 will include a larger display than previous iPhone versions, the screen included will not be as large as some of its competitors. But for me, these are two minor omissions on an otherwise great device that the Pixel XL 2 is shaping up to be - an Android phone with a modern design, minimal bezels, another (hopefully) great camera, and software that has once again been perfectly optimized for the hardware it's running on.

It appears the company has now moved hastily away from those troubles with the exploding batteries that earned it thousands of meme's on social media.

Galaxy Note 7 was an utter failure from the company. It's already rolling out, so if you haven't received an update notification, now might be the time to head into your settings. A J-series refresh is planned to sort that out. I also think the FFOLED takeover could do wonders for the wearable market. Luckily, since Samsung also makes chips for phones, storage and more, that division drove the record profit and seems poised to continue, Engadget said.

Samsung quarterly revenue rose 19.7%, from 50.94 trillion won to 61 trillion won. However, that same rep said that because these earbuds don't have a concrete release date yet, Samsung won't be revealing any official details on them. The South Korean company last month launched the Galaxy J7 Max and J7 Pro smartphones in the country.