Foxconn to build LCD factory in U.S., investing 10 bln Dollars

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That same year, Foxconn said it planned to invest $5 billion over five years in India, creating 50,000 jobs.

The bill also includes changes in the environmental permitting process for the facility, along with $252 million in bonding for the Interstate-94 north-south corridor project. The plant is expected to open in 2020 and would employ 3,000 immediately with the possibility of adding more.

Foxconn and its CEO, Terry Gou, have been major donors to National Taiwan University and its cancer center. "They may even go a little bit or neighbors to the south into IL, although we're in a much better position right now, just because of our climate, our situations and what we do". "It would be the largest direct foreign investment in United States history".

Wisconsin state Senator Jennifer Shilling, a Democrat, questioned whether there is "legislative appetite for a $1 (billion) to $3 billion corporate welfare package".

But he expects Wisconsin's plant, which will produce liquid-crystal display screens used in televisions, could be highly automated.

Foxconn's presence, if it reaches its goal of 13,000 employees, would directly generate $7.63 billion in economic output, including a $3.36 billion boost to state GDP, according to the report.

"I will tell you, the pattern on here is there's a whole lot of people out there scrambling to try and come up with some reason not to like this", he said.

"If I didn't get elected, he definitely would not be spending $10 billion", Trump said.

Filling those jobs could be a different challenge for Wisconsin. The Journal-Sentinel wrote that Walker would have to use $200 million a year from the state budget to pay for Foxconn's incentives, money he had hoped to use for personal income tax cuts.

The compensation offered for the new roles is the critical part of Foxconn's ambitious hiring plan, said Ryan Sweet, an economist at Moody's Analytics West Chester, Pennsylvania. The available jobs, he says, are likely to be comprised of skilled and well-paid openings rather than the blue-collar jobs.

The Friday tour taking Walker far from where the plant is located gives him a chance to talk up how the plant will help the entire state, not just the region where it's located.

Or think of a billion-dollar investment in a modern rail transportation network linking the cities of Wausau, La Crosse, Eau Claire and Green Bay with Chicago and Minneapolis.

"Given recent accounts of how its workers are treated and Foxxconn's strategy of getting every last nickel and dime it can from taxpayers to lower their costs, Governor Walker and any legislator thinking of supporting what could be a $3 billion incentive package should be very wary", said Sen.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding signed Thursday by Gov.

If Foxconn does fulfil its promise, it would be Wisconsin's largest economic development project and would also award tax incentives for over 20 years, officials say.

Under Walker's executive order, the Legislature will begin the special session August 1 to consider the legislation, according to a news release.

In addition, China's manufacturing workforce is significantly more flexible than the USA, with many workers in China sleeping at the factories for convenience.