Did Theon Make the Right Decision on 'Game of Thrones'

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Was Episode 2 any better? Or maybe you just don't care about spoilers, in which case, read on.

The second episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season made good on the momentum kicked off by the season's premiere. Yeah, it's Ellaria and Yara - most likely to be the subject of the Queen's Justice. Yara and her forces were so overmatched here it wasn't even a contest. No spoilers from season 7, though. At least Cersei is rallying the houses around her by lying about what an terrible wretch Daenerys is. The relationship touched new heights this week with both of them opening their hearts to each other as it's revealed that Grey Worm must set out for Casterly Rock. Daenerys, obviously, likes this turn of events. Dany and Jon coming face-to-face for the very first time.

Meanwhile, in the North, Jon is already preparing to approach Daenerys. Obviously that makes her a noteworthy asset in the fight against the White Walkers.

Well, what a night, what an episode of Game Of Thrones.

Arya Stark and the Hound, already so close to death many times before, are both in risky positions. Ellaria's capture and certain execution at the hands of Cersei also begs the question of who will rule Dorne, as the Game of Thrones television series has't introduced many Dornish characters compared to George R.R. Martin's novels. Plus, three giant dragons! Cersei just might have more to bargain with than name-calling Daenerys as the "mad king's daughter". The mother was found dead with a stag's antler in her belly, and the stag is the sigil (symbol) of House Baratheon, the rulers of Westeros, so at first Eddard (Ned) Stark was inclined to view it as a bad omen.

Want more stuff like this? But, Daenerys is cautious. On one side, there was the newly-crowned Queen Cersei and the army of King's Landing. Theon is broken (Alfie Allen absolutely sold that scene with only a look); all the pleasant reunions with Sansa and Yara couldn't make him whole again physically or psychologically. Euron himself dispatched two of them, while the third stayed behind only to get captured alongside Ellaria. Theon (Alfie Allen) will escape by jumping overboard. Regardless, it seems Euron now has a fine gift to take back to Cersei.

I believe it shows that just how much Arya has changed since she released Nymeria into the wild at the start of season one.

It is at this point in Episode 2 of Game of Thrones that an old face resurfaces.

Soon after setting up camp, she is surrounded by a pack of wolves, and out comes Nymeria, and she is MASSIVE.

She is headed home, after all. Arya's wolf isn't the same creature she was long ago, and neither is Arya.

Instead, they argue, and everyone is against the plan to meet with Daenerys. I'd like to think it is either Jorah Mormont or Theon Greyjoy. Let us begin by promising you that it would not disappoint you.

"Game of Thrones" dropped a new trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, showing the armies of the Seven Kingdoms gearing up for war, with an undead horde on the march.