Delta Responds To Ann Coulter Tantrum

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As a result, Coulter didn't actually lose any of the extra legroom on which she spent $30.

Delta's statement came in response to Coulter's bashing of the airline on Twitter.

Coulter's conversation, on the other hand, is quite negative regardless of the incident, because she is a polarising regardless.

A spokesman for Delta told International Business Times on Saturday that Coulter was in the same extra room row, although she was given a different seat.

Coulter has 1.6 million Twitter followers, while Delta has 1.3 million.

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Coulter said some bad things about the Delta staff after she didn't get to sit in an extra leg-room seat, which she had purchased. "Given how overwhelmed airline employees are, they're not necessarily going to proactively think of ways to help you", Mr. Seaney said. She paid $30 above and beyond her fare for that extra-space seat. "They saw an opportunity to execute on their values, take an adult perspective and call out Ann Coulter and, in essence, others who have taken what may be a discretionary customer service move on the part of the airline and significantly overreact".

The #Tweet storm between conservative commentator #Ann Coulter and #Delta Airlines continued unabated. All of the above: "HIRED!" she tweeted. Perhaps it were a man, she wouldn't have minded. Airlines have a tendency to treat people like cattle and if you book a seat for an airplane, you should get that seat. This process takes me three minutes in total. You or I might consider this a mild inconvenience, but Ann Coulter considers it a crime against humanity in line with the Soviet occupation of Berlin. For $10,000, you can probably buy yourself a couple of seats. She also compared Delta employees to prison guards and the former East German secret police. Or, try Mr. Seaney's go-to way, and head to the airline's lounge, usually reserved for premium or frequent fliers, and explain your situation to one of the employees at the reception area. Always put your money where your mouth is.

The conservative pundit initially made waves when she aired her grievances about the seat mixup in question online, even photographing the passenger who was placed in her original seat.