Dana White Responds To McGregor Racist Allegations To Mayweather

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Conor McGregor has been his usual cocky self leading up to his showdown with one of the best boxers to ever live. On both Tuesday and Wednesday, in Los Angeles and Toronto, respectively, he taunted Mayweather by saying, "Dance for me, boy!".

Vijender think that Mayweather will walk out with a win. Following the Mayweather-McGregor verbal spat during the promotional tour of their mega fight, HHH invited the cross-sport rivals to continue their verbal mud-slinging affair on WWE Monday Night Raw.

"This is my last fight", Mayweather said.

He later documented a trip through NY at night time in one of the sports cars with the caption: "The Mac Life" in another insight into his glamorous lifestyle.

HHH, Mayweather, and McGregor are no strangers to the limelight.

"McGregor eschewed his sharp-tailored suits for a bare chest and white fur overcoat €" which he swept from his shoulders as he took the stage to offer a flexed-arm pose that inflamed the crowd.

"Because that's all you're worth", Mayweather replied. McGregor's record is 21-3-0. "[Floyd Mayweather] and 50 are two fake money bitches".

Personally, I do not condone violence. Then Floyd came out yesterday and apparently was treating me and Conor like strippers. It was astounding how easily the plan worked for Alsop.

Mayweather intimated he knew what a danger McGregor could be to him.

During the NY press conference Mayweather showered one dollars bills on the stage. Even at the age of 40, Mayweather will still have the tools to put his opponent on the palms of his posterior, and probably spark out, within three rounds.

McGregor made several precise verbal jabs at Mayweather's juiced up goons.

Vargas was never too high on McGregor's chances to begin with.