AMD Ryzen Threadripper X399 HEDT platform in retail stores starting August 10

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AMD executives said they've used "downcoring" and "downbinning"-using Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 chips with cores turned off, running at slower speeds-to enable the Ryzen 3 product line".

Are Threadripper's extra dies unlockable? Sandwiched between the releases of the Vega Frontier Edition, Threadripper, and the Radeon RX Vega, the Ryzen R3 chips are the first Zen-based competitors for the budget-oriented CPU market. The segment revenue was down 5% year-over-year with operating income falling to $42 million, from $84 million in the comparable quarter in FY 2016. AMD SenseMI Technology (Pure Power, Precision Boost, XFR, Neural Net Prediction, Smart Prefetch) is enabled on the entire lineup, as well.

Investors took a shine to the news, as shares in AMD were up 7.8 per cent in after-hours trading at $15.22 per share. The 1300X and GTX 1080 ran the game at 130.3 fps (134.2 fps when clocked at 3.9GHz). One theory is that the Threadripper and Epyc chipsets use the same chips, which are later customised for their respective uses. Cryptocurrency mining demand also drove strong demand.

Su responded that "there is some level of customization for cloud guys, and we will do some of that, but the foundation really is the strength of the portfolio, of the CPU and the I/O". That full-year outlook is a boost from previous guidance calling for low double-digit percentage growth.

AMD is showing no signs of slowing up with respect to launching new products throughout 2017. On a non-GAAP basis, AMD squeezed out a $0.02 per-share profit, up from a $0.05 per-share loss during the prior-year period. AMD's long-term targets call for non-GAAP EPS of at least $0.75 in 2020, with gross margin of 40%. In both cases, Intel has been criticized.

Still, it's clear that Ryzen is winning some market share for AMD.

Thanks to Ryzen sales, the company's Computing and Graphics business brought in revenues of $659 million, up 51 percent YoY.

As AMD begins shipping its low-end Ryzen 3 chip Thursday, it's employing a familiar strategy: undercutting Intel's Core i3 pricing while offering more performance. What's very exciting now is not just Epyc, but GPU computing, machine learning and A.I. We will look for opportunities to spend more in those areas.

Although Epyc sales barely figured into this quarter's results, early indications are that they will be an increasingly strong part of the company's growth going forward, said Chief Executive Lisa Su (pictured). The image they dropped onto Facebook makes it look like a frickin' Palantir with the Eye of Sauron staring deep into your soul...

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