Alfred Angelo Bridal Stores Unexpectedly Shut Down

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Many brides were scrambling today after learning the bridal shop Alfred Angelo is closing its doors nation wide.

Multiple reports from across the country say the Alfred Angelo Bridal chain, which is based in Del Ray Beach, has gone bankrupt and shut down.

In Jacksonville, the Alfred Angelo store on Atlantic Boulevard near Regency permanently closed at 6 p.m. Thursday, an employee said.

Now, the question is whether the women with dress orders will get their gowns in time - or their money back.

Other customers were also furious that the company never gave them warning weeks in advance.

The company - in 1933 by Alfred Angelo and his wife Edythe Piccione - calls itself the world's leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of wedding gowns, bridesmaids, and dresses for other formal occasions.

Murtoff said she called the store she ordered from and was told alterations had been halted by the company.

Brides, bridesmaids and mothers alike say this is more like a nightmare than a fairy tale.

She said all employees were told Thursday morning that the day's shifts would be their last. Owner Stephanie Howard said, "We have lots of gown ready to be bought off the rack!"

"Then I just got the news that I was not hoping for", Rayner said.

Holly Fudge, a Kettering resident, said she has two friends who bought dresses from the store.

Toscano's sister did get her wedding dress, so did this Greece resident.

"They've kinda crushed my daughter's dreams, now I don't know what we're going to do".

"Many of these girls, this is their livelihood and they are without a job suddenly". We need details & information on what's going to happen.