Affordable AMD Ryzen 3 Processors Available Starting Today

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AMD's 'Threadripper' workstation CPUs should also be available from today, although eager buyers will have to wait until some time in August for the special motherboards to appear.

Comparing the 1300X to the old FX-8370e we can clearly see the significant advancements that the new Zen core has brought to the table. The Ryzen 3 1200 retails for $109.

"AMD has a lot to look forward to, as none of its numbers incorporates sales of Epyc server parts, only limited sales of the new Radeon Vega and none of the Ryzen notebook parts", said Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. I asked what industry it might be in, and Su replied "let's just call it embedded". That's not necessarily a bad thing, because Threadripper is clearly going after the 'bigger is better' market, including professional workstations. Instead, we've got a situation where it apparently made sense for AMD to mount four cores, but only activate two of them. The Core i9 7900X has a larger selection of resistors on the back of the processor package by comparison. Both of the other models, "Pro" and "Extreme", bump the CPU to the full 16-core 1950X, with builds starting out at $2,499. But that is nothing compared to Alienware PCs. Ryzen drove a 51% year-over-year revenue increase in AMD's core computing and graphics segment during the second quarter, enough to turn a small segment operating profit. Notably, iBuyPower offers 3000 MT/s and 3200M T/s DDR4 memory in dual- and quad-channel configurations. The TDP sees a jump up from 91W to 112W in this package.

For the coming quarter, AMD is painting a rosy picture: The company claims it expects a 23 percent sequential growth in revenue, plus or minus three percent, for a 15 percent or higher annual growth. That means with proper cooling and conditions, the Ryzen 3 1300X can already reach 3.9 GHz. Ryzen 3 1300X has a base clock of 3.5GHz, is able to run all cores at 3.6GHz, jump up to 3.7GHz on two cores, while, if you have sufficiently good cooling, climb to 3.9GHz in XFR mode. As the Ryzen lineup continues to be filled out, more market share gains are likely, especially with Intel having execution problems. In terms of single threaded performance, gaming performance, and performance per watt the 1500X and 1300X are essentially the same. Ultimately, to get the highest PCIe lane count you will need to step up to a Core i9 processor. This could be with Threadripper in mind. "In the main benchmarks, we are absolutely in the hunt", she said. By tossing expected Threadripper sales in alongside Epyc sales, AMD may have cut its overall costs by improving its economy of scale. Partly due to increasing demand for the new hardware, the company beat expectations for Q2 2017, but it still recorded a slight loss.