WWDC 2017: Privacy features coming to Safari browser

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So what's new in this macOS update and are any of these features worth updating your Mac computer for? He later clarified that "it just boils down to the fact that Apple doesn't prioritize high-end GPUs" and pointed out that you could buy a $6,000 Mac Pro and still not meet the minimum specs.

The speaker will sell for about $350 in December in the US, United Kingdom and Australia.

Amazon's Echo speaker has been a sleeper hit. Google recently launched its own Echo imitation, the Google Home, powered by the still-nameless Google Assistant. This update includes a tweak that allows Mail to take up 35% less disk space than before. No price or release date was announced, though Apple said developers will be the first to get their hands on one. It will bring a number of new features, and will be supported by all Macs that support the existing OS, 10.12 Sierra.

Both moves make Apple the latest company to invest significantly in VR and AR. Facebook, HTC and Sony also have similar high-end VR systems.

Virtual reality has been described as the next big thing for decades.

Still, Apple is the largest phone-maker, with 44.5% of the USA market using its mobile hardware. Its entry into digital-music sales with iTunes, and into the smartphone market with the iPhone, upended those industries and gave them mass appeal. These devices will only keep the most recent messages in local storage.

macOS High Sierra CompatibilityHere's the macOS High Sierra compatibility list.

This year's WWDC speech was an important one as we witnessed Apple adopt most of the trending technologies and building upon them in their true fashion. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. It also refreshed the software for the Apple Watch, integrating personal-assistant Siri into the device. Seriously, that's the name of the next macOS release, which will be finalized and shipping this fall as a free upgrade to owners of any Mac system that supported the Sierra release from a year ago. Once you find a picture, you'll have more editing tools available for your photos.

Apple has also improved the privacy side of Safari, adding Intelligent Tracking Prevention to make it harder for ad vendors to track users across the web.

Content blocking. Fed up with auto-playing ads with sound?

Meanwhile, High Sierra also includes a few mostly minor changes for how people interact with the OS and its built-in Apple apps.

It also enhanced its workout app to, for instance, support high intensity interval training.