WWDC 2017 kicks off today: how to watch?

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But here are several announcements Apple could make, in our best-guess order of their likelihood.

Apart from this, the new range of the MacBook Pro laptops may also figure in the announcements to be made during the 5-day conference.

Not much is visible on the placeholder app, except that it requires iOS 11 or higher.

Apple will stream the event at this link.

Amazon did a pretty bad job when it tried to horn in on Apple's territory with its Fire Phone, but now the roles are reversed: Amazon helped create and now leads the market for stationary voice-controlled household assistants, and Apple is left to play catch up. However, hardware will also be a focus of this year's event, but more on that later. According to MacRumours, Apple analyst Mich-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has said, " We believe there is an over 50 [percent] chance that Apple will announce its first home AI product at WWDC in June.

More Siri apps should be on the way. The main reveal over the next three days will give us a much clearer picture on which of the earlier rumors about new features are true.

Facebook, Instagram and Google are pushing ahead with AR, and Snapchat AR selfie filters have become part of everyday communication.

The Apple App Store has over 2 million apps. It would mean a lot to us. Perhaps Apple will make some substantial changes to the home screen, which has evolved over the years but is still mostly an array of app icons.

Apple is also likely to update its own apps in iOS 11. It depends whether it wants to do to video what it did in the audio space-an iTunes Store for buying and downloading music on a per song and per album basis, running parallel with the Apple Music subscription service. Every June, company executives get up in front of the public (and a live audience of loyal developers who paid $1,600 a head to get in) and lay out Apple's vision for how all of its major platforms will evolve over the next year.

We don't expect anything as dramatic this time.

However, an update on the TouchArcade website said that 32-bit apps had been restored and could be searched for once more on the App Store.

Apple should also offer some new features for the software that powers the Apple TV set-top box, which seems to be doing okay but not extraordinarily well.

You can also use an Apple TV streaming device, provided it's a second- or third-generation device with software 6.2 or later or the latest, fourth-generation Apple TV.

Whether we will see updates to the Mac Mini and Macbook Air is an open question but it looks increasingly unlikely.