World leaders accuse Trump of turning his back on the planet

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In response to U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement of U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, the organization, led by Garcetti, published a statement Thursday, saying they would adopt, honor, and uphold the commitments to the goals enshrined in the agreement.

"At this moment, when climate change is already causing devastating harm around the world, we do not have the moral right to turn our backs on efforts to preserve this planet for future generations", added U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who sought the Democratic presidential nomination previous year.

"I don't believe we can close our borders", he told CNNMoney. "There is no way", said Macron, who took office less than a month ago.

Gloria played a major role in getting the city of San Diego's climate change plan passed while he sat on the City Council.

The move can not actually be finalised until near the end of Trump's term.

One of Trump's central stated reasons for pulling out of the Paris Accords was that it would allegedly export American jobs from the U.S. to foreign countries.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has in the past even been dubbed the "climate chancellor" for her efforts to fight global warming, welcomed Li's remarks at their joint press conference.

While the move was welcomed by conservative groups and Republicans, several business leaders - including Mr Musk and Mr Iger, and the heads of companies including Google, Facebook Shell and Amazon - have spoken out against the decision.

According to British news outlet The Telegraph, Macron's speech marked the first time a French leader has addressed his nation in English from the president's official residence.

While stating that France does still believe in the United States, he did present a potentially unsafe future ahead if nothing is done to combat climate change.

"This is clearly disappointing, and a setback for America's leadership in the world", ITI President Dean Garfield said in a statement.

"It's obviously regrettable", he said. "America will remain a leader in environmental protection".

The statement did not propose any concrete actions by the three states, but noted they would do all they could to tackle climate change. "Europe will defend the clean energy transition", tweeted Miguel Arias Cañete, the EU Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action.

"Certainly we are really angered by the announcement. European Union deeply regrets this unilateral decision", Canete wrote on Twitter. "Seeking external reasons for domestic woes is by no means what the world's largest economy should do", it said.

He said the president's decision cedes energy and job creation to other nations - especially China - which is already winding down coal plants and investing more than any other country in renewable energy.

The Co-ordinator of the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network Krishneil Narayan said not even Mr Trump could derail action on climate change. Trump really needs to put away the club he uses to bash all things associated with President Obama, and proceed with positive initiatives of his own, if he has any.

The group, the "Under2" coalition, which takes its name from the Paris accord's effort to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, has grown to 170 jurisdictions representing more than a third of the global economy over the past two years - including 10 states in the United States.