'Wonder Woman' Buries 'The Mummy' At The Box Office

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Superhero movie "Wonder Woman" maintained its lead at the North American box office over the weekend pulling in $58.5 million and burying newcomer "The Mummy", industry figures showed.

The Gal Gadot superhero film has quickly earned more than $205 million (£160.7 million) in America in two weeks. "The Mummy" is meant to launch a new connected franchise of monster movies.

Universal's first foray into the Dark Universe has managed a paltry $32.2 million stateside but is set to earn $141.8 million overseas, for a combined haul of $173 million worldwide.

His star power is strong overseas where audiences care less about Tom's public relations disasters including the famous Oprah Winfrey incident where he jumped on her couch while declaring his love for Katie Holmes. "Thankfully for the Dark Universe and other big brands, the worldwide component is the lifeline to a continued cinematic future and a creates a valid justification for further creative and monetary investment". Universal and Condon, fresh off the $1 billion-plus success of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, have cast Javier Bardem as Frankenstein's Monster, though his female counterpart has not yet been announced.

A24's apocalyptic horror film It Comes at Night and Bleecker Street's drama Megan Leavey, starring Kate Mara as a young Marine fighting in Iraq with her bomb-sniffing Combat Dog.

A shift in approach resulted in Wonder Woman, a runaway critical and commercial hit that has now taken in US$435 million globally.

Coming in at #3 was Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, which was off 48% in its second weekend to $12.3 million. With a $38 million budget and an global roll-out that has yet to take flight, I can't imagine that anyone at Fox is too anxious about where "Captain Underpants' will eventually end up". 8 million with $52.2 million netted from China, the second largest market in the world, alone.

The $51.8 million total, topped up by $1 million of previews, was the seventh highest opening of the year.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tells", $34.8 million.

Baywatch brought in $4.6 million in its third weekend, down 48% from last frame.

"Confession of Murder", $2.8 million.

Disney/Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is holding well, minting $507,000 in its seventh orbit on 188, easing by 18 per cent.