US contractor arrested after leak of Russia hacking report

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Victor was arrested Saturday and the case was revealed Monday, shortly after the website the Intercept posted a redacted version of a USA intelligence document describing Russian government efforts to use hacking techniques against employees of a company that provides technical support to states' voting agencies.

The report hinged on documents that were leaked from the National Security Agency (NSA) in the US. That report was alarming, but according to Sen.

The documents released to The Intercept provide evidence that Russian cyber intelligence efforts targeted USA election officials just before the November presidential election. Russian hackers attacked at least one USA voting software supplier days before the 2016 presidential election, according to a classified NSA report leaked Monday, June 5, 2017, that suggests election-related hacking penetrated further into US voting systems than previously known.

The spear-phishing emails were meant to spread a malware virus, however the report concluded it was unclear whether any local officials were infected.

If found guilty of breaching the Espionage Act by passing an NSA analysis of alleged Russian hacking to The Intercept, she faces up to ten years in prison.

As a result, a USA intelligence officer who declined to be identified in Monday's report, cautioned against drawing major conclusions because the analysis is single source and non-definitive. Authorities zeroed in on victor because she was the only one who had been in email contact with the news organization, according to the affidavit.

The Kremlin on Tuesday denied involvement in the reported cyberattacks.

Roughly four months ago, she wrote a Facebook post that was critical of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

CIA officer-turned-whistleblower John Kiriakou says reporters at The Intercept news site should have done a better job protecting the identity of accused National Security Agency leaker Reality Winner. "The NSA go and check who printed this document around this time frame".

Winner, a former Air Force linguist who now works as a USA government contractor, was arrested Saturday by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents on charges that she made copies of a classified report containing top-secret information and mailed it to an online news organization.

In the wake of Winner's arrest, CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed the Air Force veteran's parents, mother Billie Winner-Davis and stepfather Gary Davis.

"There's not much to comment on right now as far as whether there is a connection between my client and Intercept", Nichols said.

'She's a good girl, she's a good person, she's never been in trouble with anyone, the law or anything. On the one hand, it probably sought to protect victor as its source.

Asked if victor had confessed, Nichols said, "If there is a confession, the government has not shown it to me".