Trump set to make debut on Washington's social scene

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President Donald Trump left the residence of the White House at 8:57 a.m. Sunday got into his motorcade in white polo shirt, dark trousers, white shoes and red cap.

President Donald Trump has made his debut on Washington's social circuit by headlining an annual fundraiser for Ford's Theater, scene of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

Trump told the audience which included the vice president, members of the Cabinet, lawmakers and others, that although Lincoln led a hard life he is remember for his leadership, inspiration and his enduring vision of "government of, for and by the people".

Trump said it was also a "special pleasure" for him to watch as two of his friends, former National Football League quarterback Peyton Manning and businessman and philanthropist Ronald Perelman, received the Lincoln Medal.

The President & the First Lady are scheduled to attend a gala at Ford's Theatre later this evening where he will give remarks.

A attractive day to be outside - the press pool accompanied President Trump at 9:30 a.m. and rolled down to Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, for a few hours.

President Donald Trump is about to make his debut on Washington's social scene.

Trump to date has limited his socializing to the White House and his Trump-branded properties. He has turned down invitations to one highly anticipated staple of the D.C. social calendar after another, where a presidential appearance has been par for the course for decades. He has had a prickly relationship with the news media and he held a rally in Pennsylvania on April 29 - the night of the White House correspondents' dinner - to celebrate his 100th day in office.

Ronald Reagan is the most recent president to skip the dinner thrown by the White House press corps.