Trump Is Worried About The Trade Deficit With Germany. He Needn't Be

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In a strongly worded statement, Merkel said US President Donald Trump's announcement to turn his back on the Paris pact was "highly regrettable, to put it very mildly".

On Sunday, Merkel showed the gravity of her concern about Washington's dependability under Trump when she warned at an election campaign event in a packed Bavarian beer tent, that the times when Europe could fully rely on others were "over to a certain extent". Her spokesman Steffen Seibert, said Monday the chancellor is "a convinced trans-Atlanticist". "Trump accelerates it, but it was to be expected".

"You don't want to be sitting too comfortably in Trump's boat, or in Trump's boat at all, because Trump's not liked here", she said.

Spicer went on to say that the quote from Merkel was taken out of context.

The EU-China summit follows a tense global tour by US President Donald Trump in which he spurned pleas by his European counterparts to adhere to the deal.

In his talks with European Union leaders in Brussels last week, Mr. Trump had "emphasized the importance of reciprocity in trade and commerce", Gary Cohn, the president's top economic adviser and national-security adviser H.R. McMaster wrote in a Wall Street Journal opinion article on Tuesday. And they pointed out that Mr. Trump agreed to a commitment to open markets and fighting protectionism in the leaders' joint statement at the Group of Seven summit in Sicily last week.

Speaking just days after Trump promised to sell Saudi Arabia US$110 billion (RM471.07 billion) worth of arms in order to deter Iran, Gabriel accused Washington of fuelling religious conflict. America's trade deficit with China, at $310 billion, was the only one larger.

"California's trade balance with China is no more a subject of discussion than the German trade balance with the USA should be", a recently published Economics Ministry document says.

The warmer EU-China relationship, partly spurred by Trump, has transpired despite a long-running EU spat with Beijing on what Europe sees as China's dumping of low-priced goods on European markets. But the reluctance of our Teutonic friends to spend money on their military means they contribute well under the 2% threshold North Atlantic Treaty Organisation dictates. "There is no backsliding on the Paris agreement", Juncker said.China overtook the United States as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in 2007.

European leaders were especially dismayed by Trump's refusal to reaffirm United States support for last year's Paris climate change accord and his failure to publicly endorse Nato's mutual defense pledge.

And, even after he held a frosty meeting with Merkel in Washington in March and heard her explain Germany has no independent, non-EU trade policy, Trump continues to complain about Germany's surplus. "She's someone who is very sober about the guys with the big agendas and big egos, be it (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, be it (Turkish President Recep Tayyip) Erdogan, be it Trump".