Trump Addresses Infrastructure, Health Care in Ohio

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But most Democrats say funding vehicles such as public-private partnerships can not adequately address the problem.

Trump didn't stay strictly on script Wednesday when it came to pitching his infrastructure plan.

REBUILDING AMERICA: President Donald J. Trump is pushing to rebuild the infrastructure of the United States by partnering with the private sector and getting government out of the way.

Trump said that as he campaigned across the country past year, people often asked him why the US was spending money to rebuild other countries when the roads and bridges they travel on needed rebuilding, too. If implemented in a manner consistent with my legislation, [a] Buy American, Hire American EO [executive order] will put and US manufacturers first.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We build in foreign countries.

Trump is speaking at a marina overlooking the Ohio River.

While infrastructure initially was seen as an area where Republican and Democrats could work together, Democrats have balked at Trump's plan for using tax incentives and public-private partnerships to finance improvements. On Jan. 23, Democrats attempted to pre-empt a populist Trump proposal with their own $1 trillion infrastructure package, funding everything from broadband to sewer pipes at a higher rate than the 2009 stimulus.

The president met with families who had their lives upended by Obamacare, addressing reporters at the OH airport before his infrastructure speech.

"Now it's time for the Senate to act and save Americans from this catastrophic event because Obamacare is dead", Trump said. "It also means that infrastructure that can't be built with tolls, like repairing our crumbling schools, for instance, will likely get left behind".

"It's time to recapture our legacy as a nation of builders and to create new lanes of travel and discovery and we're going to see all the way into the future", Trump said.

Trump said that he thought he would "take a lot of heat" for approving the pipeline section.

Trump has been highlighting increasing premiums and insurance company pull-outs from the law's exchanges as he pushes a GOP replacement plan.

Trump also planned to discuss infrastructure spending with governors and mayors at the White House today.

And Trump's speech spoke to Depeel's concerns.

"I work in the marine industry, so I'm very interested in what happens with the waterways and the bridges", he said.

That's the word from Republican Rep. The White House says it would have cost her an additional $5,000, not $50,000.

Zeldin told reporters that Trump upheld his tweeting.

"It's been the most convoluted thing you could imagine", said Ron Klain, who was Vice President Joe Biden's chief of staff and led the stimulus team in 2009.

Zeldin says Trump "wasn't like on his heels defensive, but he was talking about it being valuable".

Referencing the Paris Agreement early in his remarks Wednesday, Trump forcefully asserted the independence of his administration and the country as a whole. He's expected to press efforts to fix the nation's aging levees, dams, locks and ports, as well as his larger infrastructure aims.

Trump's speech, however, was overshadowed by the unexpected release of the opening remarks Comey will give before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday and as the White House faces new allegations about possible efforts by the President to influence the investigation into potential ties between his campaign and Russian Federation.

Trump said his plan would involve $200 million in federal funds, which would be used to leverage private dollars and pass along responsibility for funding infrastructure projects to state and local governments.