This is what Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn's constituents think of them

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He said of Corbyn: "What has impressed me - and there is a real similarity between what he has done and what I did - is he has taken on the establishment of the Labour party".

"People have complained about him being a bit scruffy so he's smartened up a bit, but he's never going to be a media person, he's never going to conform to what the media wants him to be - which is another thing I really like him for".

The Tory-headed coalition and the majority government we have now have presided over some of the worst times for Britain's working people.

Mr Corbyn visited The Place, Market Pavement, yesterday afternoon to deliver a speech to hundreds of supporters about his Brexit plan.

He claimed a Government he led would ease tensions with countries such as North Korea through negotiations "before it reached that stage", and would not say if the United Kingdom would hit back if struck by another country.

With a week to go and the polls indicating there's all to play for, Professional Adviser asked a handful of advisers what they thought of election pledges that would affect them and their clients, and who they meant to vote for.

In an effort to maintain pressure on the Tories over the issue, Mr Corbyn said: "It is staggering that just six days from polling day millions of pensioners still don't know what's in store for them if they are unlucky enough to get dementia or any other condition that needs care in the home".

Ms May has faced some criticism for declining to directly debate Mr Corbyn or any of the leaders of the smaller parties.

In a leisure centre auto park on the outskirts of Reading, 64km from London, more than 1,000 people gathered in the middle of a working day, leaving behind their desk jobs and even climbing trees to catch a glimpse of Mr Corbyn.

Complaints poured in, however, because in the full footage Corbyn goes on to say: "No, I think what you have to say is all bombing has to be condemned and you have to bring about a peace process". This has always been a thorny topic for Corbyn, his views are somewhat detached from official party policy, and perhaps also a good chunk of the public.

In the end, it may also be that the European referendum last June destabilized the British political scene even more than we thought possible.

A Corbyn government would commit to spending £250 billion on infrastructure over 10 years - with a big focus on building a high-speed rail corridor from London to Scotland, expanding conventional rail elsewhere and rolling out "universal superfast broadband" across Britain by 2022. It's worth it to make sure school headteachers don't have to collect at the school gate in order to pay the teachers' salaries.

And addressing Mr Rudd directly, Mr Corbyn said: "All of your clients, I'm sure, require workers, they require skilled workers, at various times".

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"They'll get us out, either them or Ukip".

"If Britain was under imminent under threat from nuclear weapons, how would you react?" "Different pollsters are envisaging a different set of people turning out."SO WHAT WILL THE RESULT BE?"

'And so I would be actively engaged to ensure that danger did not come about.

He said: 'Is Labour's manifesto a realistic wish list or is it just a letter to Santa Claus?'

Why should I vote Labour?

"We've been open about that, and I've also been open that there will be some
hard choices to be made in addressing those various challenges".

Mr Corbyn said: "When Labour talks about job creation, we mean decent jobs, jobs which pay a real living wage, which people can get by on and which give people a sense of pride and goal. And I'm prepared to do that".

"It's not that there isn't the money, it's that there isn't the priority from this Government to fully fund our public services and more importantly to give a pay rise to our public servants in the NHS and elsewhere in the public sector".

He said: 'It's time to rebalance it.