Texas bathroom bill could keep Texans from hosting National Football League draft

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However, a Texas bill regarding which bathrooms people are allowed to use could affect their chances of doing so, according to David Moore of The Dallas Morning News.

"If a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law (in Texas), that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events", McCarthy said in a statement issued a few days after the Super Bowl. There's now a "Bathroom Bill" that if passed through the Texas legislature, could keep the city of Houston from hosting the NFL Draft in the future.

Dallas is widely considered the favorite to host the 2018 NFL Draft, but if the bill passes through the legislature in July the NFL is likely to look elsewhere.

The NFL has announced which team will hold the draft in August, September and October over the last three years, so the legislative timetable should end up suiting the NFL's. When North Carolina passed a similar "bathroom bill", it cost the state several sporting events, and the NFL says that bill could result in the league keeping the draft out of Dallas.

"Any time social issues have the effect of impacting what we're doing at AT&T or what we're doing with our team, then that gets my attention, " Jones said in February. In other words, most of the league.

The city of Houston and the Houston Texans have already indicated that they would love to host a future NFL Draft.